Can fapping blind You?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ThePeakWae, Oct 18, 2020.

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    People who think that fapping makes you go blind are not very smart. The whole idea that fapping makes you blind is an old saying people use to use to scare people away from masturbating, and it has no real meaning. This is not to say that fapping is not without negatives, just that it is not going to ever make you blind. If you watch the second Friday movie you can see how this joke is used.

    Please don't believe all these people who think that semen retention is going to make you a super hero either, and that busting a nut makes you unhealthy. They say that some ancient Chinese medicine proves that this is true, which is utter bullshit. If you want to embrace all this ancient Chinese medicine stuff, next time you go to the dentist to get a cavity removed, just ask the dentist to not use anesthesia. Then you will see how all your Chinese medicine is going to help you there.
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    I fapped a lot and it feels like my vision of surrounding is not good. My mental health decreased. I felt like a mentally challenged person. I also got weak body.
    Semen retention is real! If you keep it you will cure and reverse the damages
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    Yes, but is that because you watched porn and masturbated frequently, or is it because you bust a nut? Your not getting to the root of your problem, you think that just because you bust a nut you are feeling bad, when in reality it is the porn, and masturbation that caused you to feel bad. You have to look deeper into your problems than you are right now. I bet if you went back to watching porn, but didn't masturbate to it your problems would start to surface again.

    Also a lot of people use this semen retention as am excuse for why they shouldn't be with women, and I think this is a terrible idea.
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    Yeah, then my hands went all hairy and I woke up looking like Rosie O'Donell.
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    Semen should be saved for vaginas not kleenex or porno. The best fighters stay away from anything that might cause a squirt as it's been noticed that refraining from sex before a fight helps keep testosterone up. I think I am about to be on day 3 and I'm doing okay. Still taking vitamins that are USP certified and taking zinc lozenges to fight/protect from flu season to to keep up zinc in my system. Very greatful to be here amongst fine individuals that just need a little bit of help and or motivation. Thanks
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