Can flexing the pc muscle cause premature ejaculation?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by BecamingBest, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. BecamingBest

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    I read on the internet that people who trained the pc muscle developed premature ejaculation, it is as if they could not relax the muscle, which in turn instigates ejaculation.
  2. Phallosopher

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    You are right that inability to relax muscles down there causes premature ejaculation. I think these are separate concerns, it's a disconnect between mind and body really. You should read about the pelvic floor especially. Exercise without relaxation can definitely cause things to stay tense, and chances are people who are exercising their PC muscle have a degree of self-consciousness (even if it's the healthy kind) about something down there.
  3. Mitsuro

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    I was going to post my experience about this a while back. It really depends how you do it. As a teenager up to my mid 20’s I could last a long time in bed and was always able to please women in bed. When I was 25 I got involved in some spirituality, what I was following forbid mastubation, I really struggled to stop but when I did I used to pleasure myself by whenever I was horny with a erection I would go to my bed and flex my PC muscle repeatedly until I was basically edging. I did this a lot, it basically gave me PE, not to the point where I would go off at noth8mg but I lost my ability to last, i would get to the point of release in a couple of minutes. It has caused me a lot of distress over the years to the point where I just stopped having sex completely. It’s much better these days but still not like it was before. I’m hoping a full nofap reboot might get me back to normal. Let’s say I was originally 100% I went down to 30% now I’m on say 60%, it would be good to get back to full sexual heath and stamina.

    I’ve never shared this ever. Not with anyone but hopefully someone reading the comments will benefit. It’s very easy to justify, rubbing against the mattress or moving the duvet over yourself, flex your erection etc. getting some form of pleasure. It will weaken you sexually, better to M and get it out of your system and start over.

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