Can I block a user

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Shawn 1/4/20, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Shawn 1/4/20

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    Click the username, then, “Ignore User.”
  3. You can ignore them. There is a ignore button on each users profile. They will still be able to see your posts though.
  4. Shawn 1/4/20

    Shawn 1/4/20 Fapstronaut

    Will they be able to comment on my posts if I ignore them?
  5. I believe so. You just won’t see it.
  6. But, I think they can't message you. Is that right? @Mods

    (I do think that there should be a blocking tool here. Most platforms have one so why not this one?)
  7. No they can still message you, you just don't get an alert. In privacy settings you can turn messages off completely or just to those you don't follow.
  8. kropo82

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    If a user you ignore sends you a private message you do not see it at all, it does not show up in But the person who sent you the message does see it, they do not get any indication that you cannot see the private message.
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  9. That link is a dud, I'm just telling you from my expiernce that's how it is or was this year when I encountered it.
  10. kropo82

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    Here's Alexander's answer from another thread:
  11. I know I seen that too I'm just talking from experience

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