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  1. gregaro

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    hi. I am wondering if it would be ok for me to post something inviting people to come to a relevant 12-step meeting in NYC (SAA or SCA)? I don't run these groups or even consider myself a representative of them (I don't go very often myself). It is more that I have been to such groups a handful of times, and while I see a lot of potential in what is being offered, it is hard for me to identify with a lot of the people who attend (they tend to be older, and struggling with a primary addiction to actual sex). So I'm sort of interested in the possibility of gathering with a few people who maybe have more similar/relatable experiences at these events, for selfish reasons I guess you could say, though I think it could be good for some other NoFappers as well, esp. those who are feeling isolated. I'm happy to say something like please do not share real names or contact information if you think that's a good idea, it wouldn't really be necessary because we'd just be showing up at an event that already exists. Anyway please let me know your thoughts on this, if you think its ok to post something like this, and if there is anywhere on the site you think it would be best to post about this. Many thanks!
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    Probably a question better for here.
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