Can I purchase a women tee? (I`m neither crossdresser or trans!)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Zillion

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    Well, I would like to experiment with different sort of outfits, like texture, feel, material e.t.c..

    I had been wearing formals for very long period of time, so made some changes regard my outfit and outlook.. From now on I`m gonna wear full sleeve t shirts with either henley or polo neck (for 6 months or long).

    But here`s a thing, I`m not really stereotyping crossdressers or trans, also I`m not into that kind of zone 'Wearing girls` undergarments and so on'..

    I`m also not wanna blindly follow the rules and perspectives thrown by society.

    I`ve come accross this t-shirt (In my point of view, it`s not looking feminine, weird or awkward)..

    but I like the sharp and long collars, so I would like to give a try for women clothing first time!..

    So here are my questions?..

    Does it weird to try women clothing once in a while?
    Is it noticable when wearing this kind of tees??
  2. MrBrive

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    If it looks good, why not? Just be yourself, you don't need permission from other to buy clothes you like. Go for it man!

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