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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by JustinThyme, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. JustinThyme

    JustinThyme Fapstronaut

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m currently on day 394.

    Not much tempts me. I’m a pretty Hindu cow. That said I haven’t watched porn/seen a sexually lewd picture for about 370 days. No edging.

    As I’ve said before, up until day 120ish is bloody hard, but after that it’s all pretty boring really.

    So, can I truly be stuffed not enjoying a regular nut..? Should I just go back to the same old?

    At day 394, it’s a question that I still ask often enough.
  2. RavenGT

    RavenGT Fapstronaut

    Dont stop brother

    When things are going great and well thats when the demons truly test you and try to get you to break

    Dont let them manipulate you!
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  3. JustinThyme

    JustinThyme Fapstronaut

    Thanks RavenGT. I will no doubt maintain my course, but the thought still passes my mind.

    It is a logical thought though, not an urge nor desire. Fortunately devilish urges died off a long time ago :)
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  4. JustinThyme

    JustinThyme Fapstronaut

    Has anyone out there relapsed after a year plus? I’d be keen to know what the physiological impact was (if any) on the very next day/week/month. If there was remorse, what lead to the relapse when it’s most certainly a very stable place to me (for me).

    Thank you.
  5. FarBeyondDriven

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    394 days! u must be uber human now. How does it feel? Can you now shoot laser from your eyes and cut things? Just joking. How have you and your life changed on streak?

    Dude, honestly dont relapse. You are curious of effects? I will tell you.

    You fap.
    Nothing happens.
    You watch porn.
    You fap again.
    You think its not a big deal.
    You start to pmo from time to time.
    You start binging.
    Old habits come back.
    You become seriously addicted again.
    You cant get past week one.
    Your life turns into shit.
    You become addicted more than ever.
    You become miserable.
    You are struggling.
    You cant see the end.
    Next time you get on long streak is few years and hundreds of relapses later.

    I know what im saying though i didnt get as far as you. My best streak was 114 days
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  6. PrioritySystem

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    He reached a new level of confidence and power, he rose beyond Jesus
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  7. JustinThyme

    JustinThyme Fapstronaut

    Thanks mate,

    This truly means a lot to read, as you’ve obviously made it far and had a relapse yourself. The list of statements made are a list that I’ll come back to, as you’re completely right. I would no doubt go back into fold if I were to relapse.

    Do I have any sort of laser capabilities? Hmmm. I think that the main strength is not to be attached to sexual motives and drivers. To be able to have a level headed conversation with an attractive college that I might have once spoken about inappropriately with “the lads”. To improve my sense of self and my sense of respect for others (especially women). So I think that that’s been the lasting benefit.

    Happy to field any number of questions on the topic. Thank you again for the supportive share.

    114 days is still a sterling bloody effort!!
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