Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

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  1. Back on topic we did talk about how it’s messed up that some guys think the only possible relationship for a man to have with a woman is sexual. But there’s something else we never touched on.
    Something that I’ve noticed that is kinda fucked about guys trying to be friends with girls is that a lot of them think way too highly of themselves and treat any dude that tries to talk to them like losers.

    Some women feel like it’s impossible for men to only want to be friends with them. They think they are that valuable and can have any man they want on his knees for them.

    They think “look at him he wants to fuck me so bad but imma keep friend zoning him” or and basically think lowly of and talk down on the guy in the worst way possible. She will tell all her friends how desperate he is for her and how he’s trying so hard to make it seem like he doesn’t want her (when he actually really doesn’t)
    They’ll even do this in cases where the female gives the guy attention first, but the guy doesn’t care. Their ego is too big to accept the guy doesn’t want her so she fabricates some lie and believes it.
    Another example would be “he’s definitely gay”
    The nerve of some of these females is crazy

    That’s pretty embarrassing and is a reason why a lot of guys don’t bother trying to talk to females other than for romantic or sexual interest. Obviously a cool chick wouldn’t be like this but of course you won’t know who’s cool or not without finding out.
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  2. @tweeby Like i said, i just want to know other people opinions about this.
  3. Of course, he is. I knew that from one of the very first posts he made.
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  4. tweeby

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    @Fehr what is YOUR opinion on the subject matter?
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  5. I beilieve its possible but never works for me. I always fell in love.
  6. tweeby

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    In that case perhaps you're doing the whole friend's thing wrong?
  7. AngelofDarkness

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    I definitely agree that "natural instincts" are no excuse for anything, we as human beings have evolved to make use of our rational/feelings brain over our "lizard brain" and we can act self-control if only we have the willpower (although in today's pornified society there definitely seems to be a sad trend towards casual sex and sex-based relationships) However, I would like to add that "space between thought and action" is a subjective definition of a boundary in a relationship. That is also why I personally won't be friends with a guy being in a long-term relationship. Even if I can "compartmentalize" my sexual attraction and my platonic feelings, I know that the attraction - to whatever degree - is still there in the background, and that I would interact with someone I am subconsciously also attracted to (even if I don't consciously act on these feelings by flirting/sex). Sexual desire/attraction for me personally is an expression of love for one special person, and I am fully committed to that and will voluntarily choose to avoid feeling attraction for someone else to not betray my attraction to my significant other. Of course, everyone has their own boundaries in relationships and they are all equally acceptable as long as they are compatible with each other.

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    It is SCIENTIFICALLY DOCUMENTED. And the answer is no.
  10. What does that mean lol? You like what i said, or are you being sarcastic? (Who knows the way this threads been going ;) )
  11. ClaudeDuval

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    It's natural for single men to want to fall for women... Hetero single men want a female companion, it's natural that they look for that female companion among their friends.

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    It’s just good to see someone else from Michigan
  13. Oh lol, i thought that might be what you meant, but your profile says California. Did you move?
  14. It’s such a small town.
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  15. Gotham Outlaw

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    To answer the OP, yes I think men and women can potentially be friends. It depends on certain factors.

    Any "alpha" who feels the need to label others as alpha or beta is no true alpha. In fact, I wouldn't even call that person a beta, I'd say they're an Omega.
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  16. elevate

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    I see what you mean.

    Every person has to decide what's right and what works for them and their partner.

    Keep doing what you're doing.
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  17. elevate

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    An alpha isn't someone that needs to prove their "dominance" over others by putting other people down. That just means that they're feeling threatened by the people they call beta enough to make sure they aren't on the same level as them or higher than them in their perceived hierarchy.

    An alpha is someone that's thriving in their life. They're enjoying life and are feeling fulfilled. They have enough in their life that they're able to share positivity and support others. They see that there's more than enough to go around in life. They can afford to help others. To raise people up rather than cut them down. To help others get to their level or even higher than where they are because they're already full and it's more than awesome if other people around them are thriving and having a great time in life as well.

    So no need to defend yourself from so called alphas that try to put you down... because they're already living an inssuficient and fearful life. Fearful of others thinking that they're not alpha enough.
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    It is an interesting question. There are many different opinions about this. I can say that YES! I can tell you about my experience. I decided to register on new dating site . It was for fun. Then I start to communicate with the cute girl. We began really good friends!!! She can help when I do not know what I need to do with other girls, for example.
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  19. Sawako Kuronuma

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    My Journal
    I don't see why not and if I was capable of making friends I'd honestly rather have a male over a female, I seem to clash and constantly have problems with them.

    But to me it should be completely possible even without having an attraction, unless people are for some reason saying men are uncapabale of being nothing more than just friends. lol
  20. Alexander

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    It's possible. How do I know? Through experience being friends with women.

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