Can somebody make the 12-step program for an atheist?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Julyguy, Sep 27, 2015.

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    I've read the 12-step program, but I simply cannot put my faith in a higher power. I've tried. But I really think there is something great in the 12 steps, and I want to use what I can, from it.
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    Dude, i understand what you are asking, i'm an atheist either.
    I have one tattoo on my body with an inverted cross where it says "dEUs", deus means GOD, but the "EU" part means "I".
    The tattoo means that i'm my own god, so what i suggest to you (i try to practice it everyday) put all the faith in yourself, pray to yourself to change yourself. Can you understand what i mean?

    You are the master and the slave of your own!

    I'm reading a book that has this simple theory, "easy to do, easy not to do"
    it's easy to make positive things (avoid porn, don't drink or do drugs, be consistent in good and professional attitudes and respectful to others) but it's also easy not do be those things, and the majority of people choose not to do them! Read this book, it might help you A LOT "The Slight Edge" (download the ebook).

    I hope that i'm making any sense to you! Think about it.
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    Im an agnostic and gave up porn due to PIED. best way to find steps is to get the facts on what Porn does to you and your sex drive and brain.

    I read about 7 books on the effects of porn on the brain.
    Research is the greatest step you can make in any challenge.

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