can someone describe me p ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by slenzy, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Hi nofap-community,

    i make a 90 day hard mode reboot. My question is how do u describe p? Is it only if a male and female has sex or is it allready if u can see a naked girl? I finally understand now with 19yo that im never going to watch p again, but i have to know what inclundes p.
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    Softcore, hardcore; I don't think it matters, if it gives you a boner its most likely P
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    yes i agree with previous comment before me, anyone can give you boner is p. but in this modern world it's hard to avoid the scene that contain p. i mean you get boner justn't from movie, internet, or any else. many things we see our life that contains p, i don't know what kind modern world thing about that or perspective behind that but for sure keep your mind possitive and make an exercise to prevent that your old habbit, i comment because i had been experiencng the event. so keep the spirit on and keep make a good post :)
  4. Man, a picture of a girl in lingerie for example is not porn, you gotta be clear with that. BUT... if you try to quit porn, it's not beneficial to look at this kind of stuff and you should by all means avoid searching for it. If I see some images, in pop-ups for example, I directly close them, sometimes I take a quick look, maybe a second or two before closing it. If you are a straight guy and you see a good looking woman, you like what you see, that's it. Don't get a distorted view on what porn is, especially people that never had a problem with it would think you're wierd for saying such things. You don't have to bend the word to keep yourself from looking at "sexy pictures" or so, just don't look at that either, because it helps rewireing your brain.

    That's my take on that
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  5. Material that isn't strictly porn, but still is triggering in nature is called porn-substitutes, or p-subs as you may see it described here and there on the forums. P-subs are just as damaging to your brain as porn and should be avoided if possible.
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