Can someone explain to me how NoFap makes you enjoy the simpler things in life?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Exxz, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Exxz

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    Right now, I am on day 9. And I am started to notice more appreciation (sometimes happiness) in some of the more mundane things in life.

    Does it have to with chemicals or something? Give me a biology lesson.
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  2. VeryUnderstanding

    VeryUnderstanding Fapstronaut

    I think alot of it is brain fog, it slowly wears off your whole world starts to lighten up for you, also its like someone with a food addiction once they have stopped there cravings to these addictions they feel better, as the start to feel whats its like to be much healthier.
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  3. Master Cam

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    In my experience, I have felt that masturbation is an addiction that stems from what all addictions stem: something inside us that needs to be repaired, maybe self-confidence, belief, love, etc. We try to fill the hole in ourself with masturbation but it will never fill it. That's why you have keep doing it and doing it. By stopping it I would say that you are refocusing your energy on things that build you up, love you, etc. I always like to think of that when I get tempted. I say, "Is masturbation really that good? Really?" and then I remember the great beauty I have experience outside of masturbation. Just my two cents.
  4. Hellboy123

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    I've found myself opening up to more people. New people. Just being friendly because it feels good.

    No secret motivations or reasons aside from wanting to connect to other human beings.
  5. kk76

    kk76 Fapstronaut

    Life just doesnt feel as bad. I get on better with people. I do not feel as scared or apprehensive. I sleep better. I want to take care of myself more.

    I appreciate what I have. I like to watch the sunset or see the stars. I just feel better.
  6. Worzel

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    Do something good and your brain rewards you with a good feeling by firing up the happy neurons (dopamine)
    Too much porn and too early and you've trained your brain to think porn is super important so it gives it special access to the brain's reward mechanism, a VIP card.

    Do it every day, twice a day, three times a day and you are training your happy neurons to want nothing else.
    Slowly, over time (years) this constant battering of your happy neurons wears them out.

    Everything gets dulled because the neurons can't be arsed to reward you anymore for anything and the brain still thinks porn is what you want (hence the scaling up of porn extremity).

    Think that's how it works - hope that makes sense.

    Rebooting simply shuts off the porn feed and should give happy neurons a holiday.
    After a while (and cold turkey) your brain will forget porn and hopefully start rewarding you for other cool stuff. Proper stuff like friendship, a job well done, a smile from a pretty girl (that has nothing to do with sex).

    Rewiring the brain won't be that easy but it has to happen if you want to enjoy normal stuff again.
  7. Musta

    Musta Fapstronaut

    It's all about the dopamine. PMO causes really high amounts of dopamine to be released, and when you're addicted to PMO your brain somehow gets used to those high dopamine levels leaving all other activities in life meaningless! it's like no activity gives you that dopamine dose like PMO does. So you enjoy nothing else, and you seek nothing else. Once you leave PMO for a while your brain starts re-balancing those values, and you start enjoying life once again! However, I don't think we have much information about this as we are the first ones to suffer from addiction to high speed internet P...
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  8. kk76

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    I am learning so much on here. Thank you
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