Can someone explain to me why some people hate health food?

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  1. So i preach a lot about healthy eating on here and not many people care, some say crap like you should loosen up and enjoy life a little, which is the equivalent to saying its ok to do crack because enjoy life a little, junk food is just as destructive as drugs. What do drugs do?, definitely destroy your body and mind, and what does junk food do?, the same thing Anyways off the drug example, why do people refuse to eat good food?, how can you be on this website and eat junk food?, you talk about bettering yourself but you willingly poison your body with toxic "food"?.
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  2. Health food is good, junk food is good. I like both and eat too much of both. Lol. I like your style Kegger. You def got your thing going. Peace be with you my friend. Keep preaching.
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    I agree with you completely. I'm a cook at McDonald's, so I see this first hand. We have repeat customers who never cook, but instead come through the drive thru for supper every single day. Here in the U.S., more people die from unhealthy diets than cigarettes now. I actually am entitled to a free meal everyday for lunch, as an employee, and I actually take advantage of it maybe once a month. I bring a bento box full of rice, beans, vegetables, eggs, and tuna for lunch everyday.

    I can't speak for everybody, and actually I do tend to eat really healthy, but I think for a lot of people the issue is that junk food comes with instant gratification and delayed cost. Think about it- the benefits of a fast-food meal are immediate (no cooking when you get home, high-calorie intake, sugar, whatever...) but the ultimate costs of it are delayed months or years into the future (obesity, diabetes, brain fog, lost income from $ spent on junk food). I think for many people, it's easy to have this skew their decision making.

    Another reason is I think many people honestly don't realize just how bad it is. I don't know where you're from, but here in the U.S., children start eating junk food from such an early age that lots of people can't believe that it's really bad anymore. Right before I left work today, I saw somebody order a happy meal with a double bacon cheeseburger, french fries, and a cup of Dr.Pepper for their toddler. I wish that was an outlier, but I make literally over a hundred meals just like that every shift I work. It horrifies me- just think of the issues these kids are going to run into later in life if they start these eating habits as toddlers. The thing is, too, we allow free substitutions of milk and apple slices into the meal- but nope, people just won't do it. My parents never let me and my sister drink sodas until we were in middle school, and we never got fast food more than once a week; something I'll be eternally grateful for.

    This is kind of an issue that triggers me- I have to repress it eight hours a day, so if I come across a bit preachy as well, I apologize :)
  4. I grew up in north carolina so i am very aware of how kids grow up here, its sad really, and yah junk food is addicting and tasty, but man does being healthy feel so much better, its not as tasty but i will take health over unhealthy any day, i used to stress so much when i was younger because i was scared i would have a heart attack from the multiple energy drinks i had daily and macaroni and pizza daily. I am very healthy now and do not have that fear anymore, its so comforting really, and yah i think a lot of people dont realize the effects, i sure did not know or care back than, but once i became aware i just could no continue like that.
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  5. I definitely am not rich or have a lot of money, if you cut out all junk food and buy healthy food you can easily afford it, what people who say they cannot afford health food mean is that they cannot afford it along with all the junk food they buy. It is really not expensive to eat healthy, there are hundreds of youtube videos showing how to eat healthy cheap. And eating healthy does not mean buying dozens of boxes of spinach and all these vegetables, that would get expensive, what i do is buy a bunch of things and make a smoothie out of it, for 20 dollars of vegetables and fruits i can have smoothies that last me 2 weeks, now tell me that is expensive. Besides that i eat a lot of chicken and rice, and bananas, also occasional salmon and a lot of eggs. I spend about 10 bucks a week on chicken and maybe 5 on rice, i spend no more than 50 a week on food. So if you cannot afford that after cutting out all junk food than you really are struggling.
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    I couldn't agree more BravelyKegger. But I think eating healthy nowadays, is even harder than PMO.
    Food is everywhere and most of it is unhealthy. Too much, sugar, fat and salt in everything. People repeat untrue facts like above.
    If you think healthy food is more expensive you need to starts buying other stuff and reevaluate your budget. For the price of 1 meal at MacDonalds I can buy full 2 days of healthy meals for me and my girlfriend.
    Now I know prices may differ but eat local and seasonal vegetables and fruit, they are the cheapest.

    But food is an even more primal instinct than sex. And I know how hard it is. I eat vegetarian 5 to 6 days a week. 400 grams of vegetables a day at least and 3 to for pieces of fruit a day. Everything fresh, we do not eat things with additives or premade mostly.
    Everything pre-made contains sugar, fat and salt, so is by defenition unhealthy.
    But people cannot see food as unhealthy because, we need a (small) bit of fat, else some Vitamins do not get absorbed. A very, very small bit of salt is needed too. Meat, eggs, cheese or fish isn't bad, in small quantities.

    But in the end it is the same as abstaining from PMO, but harder.
    But even more rewarding and it gets easier in time.
    Things with even a bit sugar taste way too sweet now.
    Salty things, yuck
    Fat my stomach cannot take it anymore.

    But temptation is always there and your brain tries to trick you.
    Me and my girl thought 2 days ago, let's get take away Chinese food. It has been so long ago.
    We both got ill because of it.

    Yesterday I have my weekly game night. I always think, just one can of ice cold soda. The first 2 sips are great. The rest if yuck if I concentrate on tasting it. But people do not concentrate on eating mostly. (so that was my last soda ever, just like PMO.

    Now I'm dreading a birthday party. They are going to offer me pie. It is going to be way too sweet. If I refuse I get to explain myself. And you get the argument: food in itself is not bad, a small piece won't hurt you.
    Yes it will, just like watching P, only once more

    (and don't even get me started on Gluten;)

    Sorry for the rant, just wanted to tell you I'm with you.
    I even think we can all come together through NoFap to make the whole world a better place
  7. I actually had an easy time quitting junk food, the final straw for me was one night a couple months ago, i was thirsting for something tasty and usually i would go get energy drinks, but when i was about to go to the gasstation i said no i will not do it, i will drive the extra 5 minutes to go get milk, milk helps me deal with cravings because i love milk, but i was out of milk also that night, so i got milk instead of the energy drink and that was the last day i had junk food again. So i do have craving still months later, but to me quitting porn is 10x harder than resisting junk food, i formed a health food habit so i dont even think about junk food anymore, i use things like milk or honey to help quench any craving i might get, and i feel amazing now that i am so healthy!. Also i can resist junk food easy because i know it is pure toxic crap, and i know how bad it makes me feel and how addictive it is, so to me i dont even want it, the thought of it disgusts me.
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  8. Unless you are surviving on ramen i think people can afford health food, now i can understand someone working at mcdonalds struggling but even than you can still buy healthy food, if you cut out all junk.
  9. i wont argue this with you, you know what you can and cant do, and you also know if you are making excuses which i am not saying you are, good luck.
  10. as someone heavily in debt and can hardly afford things, i know what it is like not being able to buy a lot of food.
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  11. Bobske

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    I have to do that, yes, And yes I eat completely healthy.
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  13. fruits, veggies, animals, things like that. And if you are a vegan do not argue with me please, i know what my body likes and i feel amazing.
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    You’ve been commenting in my thread about white chocolate, what about that is vegan? Lol.

    I agree with you about the fruit. Fruit is the most natural food humans can eat. Specifically tropical fruit though, which is hard to get I know. I also agree with you about animals, fish would be my no 1, if my didn’t live in a world where coporations pollute our oceans. Any sort of wild herbivore would be second best. But I disagree with the vegetables. Vegetables are full of natural toxins and have a way to high fibre>carb ratio. They are an unnatural food for humans to eat as we are not herbivores. Kids won’t eat them because they have bitter compounds which are meant to deter us from eating them. But we have been corrupted by the WHO into thinking leaves are good for us. Also when I’m talking about vegetables I’m talking about leaves and stems. Roots such as potatoes are a whole different story. Roots have all the nutrients to grow a plant. They are probably one of the healthiest things you can eat. Roots also tend to maintain nutrient levels after cooking, whilst greens loss nutrients from even the smallest amount of heat
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    Well, first of all, what exactly is junk food? We lack a definition that everyone can agree on. Some mean high calories, others red meat, artificial flavours etc. Some wouldn't drink cow milk even if they were paid. Being in a medical field, this term disturbs me. Take for example the Keto diet that is very high in protein. People advocate this diet, even though scientifically, high protein intake rather consistently corresponds with shorter lifespan. So what is "junk"?

    A better definition would be a lack of beneficial nutrients in some foods, like high sugar drinks. We don't need them, they don't do us any good at all.

    It's not useful to just say "stop eating junk food". People don't stop like that. It needs to be a gameplan put in. Gut bacteria needs to be cultivated in order to thrive on a new diet. We can do that by eating fermented food, more dietary fiber, less sweeteners (both natural and artificial). We can learn to eat more good fats instead of the harmful vegetable oils that oxidize easily. When we feed the good bacteria in the gut, we start to crave more nutritious food.

    By far, the best is to not eat so often. Even "healthy" foods increase blood sugar and insulin. I do one meal a day, but there is a plethora of fasting options out there.
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    Thanks. Like I said, prices may differ locally. I see you live in England, yes that's expensive, especially food (I used to go there regularly on holidays). Good Luck!
  17. This thread is making me hungry.
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  18. I think it comes down to price, enjoyment of taste, and convenience. For me, I often end up eating more expensive and less healthy things out of convenience. For example, after a long day of work it's a lot easier to pop in a couple frozen pizzas than to make something from scratch, which would be a lot cheaper and healthier.
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    I eat healthy, I am grateful to my mother for that. My family and I used to consume junk food on a regular basis (Soda, cookies, chips), we stopped 6 years ago. I think the confusion about "Healthy" comes when people think about those products that possess the "Organic" prefix, which are indeed much more expensive than regular products.
  20. Organic is always preferred but you dont need it to eat healthy, just wash it thoroughly or peel the skins, but some things you need to buy organic like beets are really bad for you unorganic.

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