Can someone give me exercising advice?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Focus on the nofap, use the exercise as a way to help that out and the rest will flow naturally.

  2. I am anxious about this because I don't know how to change basic exercises such as pushups or something but I don't have to worry about that now, right?
  3. Not at all. Just have to listen to your body. You should always experience some soreness a day or two after a good workout. That means you're getting stronger and your muscles are growing. If you're not feeling it the day after, then it may be time to incorporate some different movements. You should be good for awhile with this routine though.
  4. @Slamex

    Tonight I had insomnia and I never slept. I am writing this at 3:20 AM midnight. Damn, my muscles didn't regenerate because I didn't fall asleep, right?


    Also I literally have no wall space for the Wall rear delts, so what to do?

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    Sleep is an important part of exercise but that's because sleep is important in your life.
    But you can use your rest day for that exact reason, having a rest. I'd you're aiming to do 3 days a week of exercise then swap a day around where you're resting to get some sleep mate. I work out Mon, Tue, wed, Thur but sometimes I miss wed and do Thur and Fri instead.
  6. I'll just continue as usual, having insomnia for one day will not spoil my entire progress in long-term

    By the way the old "plan" that I had was:
    Day1 Biceps + Legs
    Supinating Bi-literal bicep curls (12x4)
    Alternating Hammer curls (12x4)
    Zottman Curls (12x4)
    Morpheus workout (from Freeletics)
    50x2 Calf raises

    Day2 Triceps
    Close Grip Press (12x4)
    Standing French Press (12x4)
    Bi-literal kickbacks (12x4)

    Day3 Forearm
    Stress Ball (squeezes 50x2)
    Wrist curls (12x4)
    Handgrip (15x4)

    I used to do them consecutively with no rest, like 7 days a week. It made me tired as hell and gave me few results. Although I somewhat developed some biceps and maybe triceps.

    Does cutting tricep/bicep (x3 exercises) to 1 exercise will harm my progress?

    So far the only thing this crappy plan helped me do is do more pushups, before doing "Morpheus" I couldn't do 5 pushups without fainting but now I can do 10-12 (in one set) for some reason :)
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    Muscle memory and muscle build up, keep doing it you'll be able to do 50 before you know it.
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    Find a corner somewhere to do these. It's all that's required. And heck, they are not themselves the best exercise. It's hard to feel the contraction and not bring in abs/posterior chain on them. Just one idea for upper back work. As to your earlier query about what to add in that is of GREAT benefit, I believe that you can benefit A LOT from DIPS, dumbbell ROWS, Australian ROWS, and PIKE PRESSES.

    I'd recommend forming an "A" and "B" workout where you will focus on different compounds each session. For example:

    Workout A

    Chin Ups
    Dumbbell Lunges
    Australian Rows
    Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift
    Dumbbell Upright Row
    Triceps Extensions

    Workout B

    Pike Presses
    Wide Pull Ups
    Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats
    Underhand Grip Dumbbell Rows
    Chest to Deck Push Ups
    Glute Bridges
    Hammer Curls
    Tricep Kickbacks

    Structure the order however you want, and throw in the isolation you want. You don't have to have ten exercises in a full body workout. That's a lot, actually. You should instead pick movements you can commit to and hit PRIORITY compounds with intensity and/or volume. For example, say you want to bring up arms/chest a whole lot, you could prioritize the dips, pikes push ups, and pull/chin up variations by taking the last set of each to absolute failure and going for a rep record. Or you can be conservative in your reps and go for more overall volume/quality in each rep on these exercises than the others in the workout.

    The benefits of having an "A" and "B" workout will break up monotony, give you a more-well rounded program to follow, have you mastering more basic movements. You'll get bored/stagnant quick otherwise, IMO.
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  9. I would actually recommend the opposite: don't focus on NoFap, focus on exercising, and the goals of NoFap will follow. Both paths will probably lead to success though, so whatever works.
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  10. for simplicity purposes I will be following my current workout plan for 90 days and do it then after I am done I will change it.

    I am sick as hell and I didn't sleep because of insomnia the day before. Yesterday I slept for 7hours. Today I am sick but I will do those 10 exercises! (3 days ago I did only 5) The exercises have become twice as big after I modified it :D
  11. Honestly a gym is going to bring the best results over anything.

    I started working out with 2 40 lb dumbells at home. Did chest compressions and curls. Some other excerises mentioned here.

    In order to gain some noticeable muscle is to lift weights (not just countless pushups/pullups). And every 1 or 2 weeks it's important to increase the weight, that's how you make progres.

    Here what I did and I gained muscle from just skin and bones (25 lbs in 9 months):

    Monday: chest & triceps
    Tuesday: back / shoulders & biceps
    Wednesday: LEGS (including calves)
    Thurs: chest & triceps
    Friday : back / shoulders & bicep

    ***along w a significant amount of eating & throw abs in there 3 times a week(not on legs)

    Like I said, a gym is going to get you real results with eating. Once after a week or 2 when you get past that nervous new comer phase.

    How to do excerises: (you're welcome)
    -I do 5 sets of each workout (except calves&abs) (all reps until muscle failure)
    1st set - 12 reps
    2nd- 8 reps
    3rd- 4-6 reps sometimes 2-3 reps
    4th- 12
    5th- 8

    You need to play around with the weights at the gym. Take whey protein. And need to put in full effort
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    I have done many sports in my life, for my experiences, the better were:
    - Kung fu
    - Boxe
    - Crossfit
    - Run

    I suggest to do one of this everyday if you can
    (remove that rest days, they were created for people that take steroids, healthy people can move/sport every day, mother nature created us to do so)
  13. With all due respect this advice is wrong

    Second I don't have money to join a gym plus I don't have the physical power to do pushups/pullups and I think I must need to do 100 pushups or something to join boxing or any martial arts...
    I can only do 40 pushups when I spread them over 4 sets and rest like 30-60 secs...

  14. I don't know how to spread workouts like you do and I don't know how many exercises to do per muscle and how to come up with a home-friendly gym-equipment free workout program.

    So I created this full-body workout that I do 3 times a week. I do all those 10 exercises with 12 reps/4 sets. I have been exercising muscles I never exercised my whole life ever since I have taken up this routine.

    If you see any obvious/good modifications to my plan and if you want to advice me to add an exercise or two feel free to tell me what the exercise is and when to do it.

    I don't mind you criticizing my current plan. Tell me how good it is and how bad it is because I am literally illiterate in workout.

    By the way my goals is not to become Jay Cutler but to achieve a lean, healthy body.

    I can't do pullups at all and this is not natural. I want to be healthy to be able to do any physical activity. You get the point...

    Personally I view taking any supplement or any whey protein as same as steroids (stressing on the word personally)
    I don't care how harmless or healthy any supplement is, we didn't take supplements back in the stone age. Keep it natural.

    You start with whey and then you take steroids, testosterone, 12 pills a day and then you get your balls fked
    ...I'd rather be obese

    Thanks for the reply tho!
  15. Alright, well you don't need whey protein lol If you want to see any changes in mass at all, half of weightlifting is eating. You need protein and carbs in your diet.

    Like I said, home workouts are halfway decent. It would take you longer to reach your goals. You want to lit heavy weights and increase that amount to tear your muscle fibers (microscopic), the protein would help repair the muscle while packing mass into it.

    I personallydon't recommend 4 sets of 12. If you are actually going until muscle failure (very important), then that means you're lifting the same weight.

    Again, I think you need to increase and decrease weight during reps. This is where a gym comes in. You really have to ask yourself, why not go to a gym? If it's your self conscious (my excuse back then), then I say do it for 2 weeks you'll get used to it. If it's not enough time, that's not an excuse there's always time. The only thing I can think of is money being an issue.

    Overall my biggest mistake was not being equal in my workouts

  16. Do you think my workout plan is balanced? And a single 7.5 KG dumbbell costs $20. That's an ass-whooping price man...
  17. Personally, no. A full body workout by itself isn't ideal and then you go one day, rest, one day, rest.

    My gym membership cost $15 / month
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    My Journal
    im a under weight guy i like working out but last year i injured my back , i sprained a muscle, now when i attempt to work out my back acts up, it worries me, makes me sad, maybe someone has some advice on working out with a bad back, as for working out you have the same idea as what i would do with my routine but recently while on my long break i discovered a youtube video by the great arnold schwarzenegger ,he has has tons of work outs but the important thing he says is muscle confusion, muscle shock, if your body doesnt know what kinda work out your going to do today it well help you gain muscle an endurance quicker, but soon as i feel well enough im going to try his methods a try, hes a video, dont really focus on his work outs but mostly to what he says ,
  19. You have to increase weight or reps over time to get bigger. If you go from doing 5 pushups to 35 you’re not going to stay the same size. With calisthenics you should pick an exercise for a muscle group eg pushups for chest. Once you can do about 15 switch to close grip pushups, when you can do 15 of them switch to archer pushups then one arm pushups. You have to get stronger over time, apply it to your workouts. Also include some shoulder work like pike pushups, handstands and eventually handstand pushups. You should be able to train shoulders with dumbbels also by doing side lateral raises and bent over lateral raises. How much do your dumbbels weigh?

  20. 5 KG and this is my current limit (I can't lift 7KG) also I do 4 sets of 10 pushups (40 total.
    I don't know any of the exercises you mentioned except for the close grip pushup. I'll maybe youtube them later but you guys say to upgrade my "resistance" every week, but my strength stays the same in a 1-2 week range. I think I need 1 month per-increase.

    I am so ignorant on this, so please elaborate as much as you can.

    I can barely do pullups, only with one foot on a chair. I feel my "Brachialis muscle" torn apart after I do chair assisted-pullups.

    I weight 63 KG and I am around 170cm. I got a small skinny-fat belly, and no matter how I change my eating habits my weight stays the same.

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