Can someone give me exercising advice?

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  1. Well you have to eat less if you want to lose fat. Find out the amount of calories you burn a day and take a little off that and you will get lighter. Once you don’t have the fat you’re pullups and pushups will be easier.
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  2. Depending on how determined you are, one thing that I would recommend you adding to your workout is wind sprints. This is a very effective way to tone up a flabby midsection along with the rest of your body.

  3. I can't do cardio at all :(
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    Hi there, you can add cardio, running, swimming and rope jumping in your exercise routine.

  5. Can't do any...
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    Walking is also cardio, start with that
  7. walking around in a small apartment is cardio?
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    Hi There, I'm new to the forum but do have a lot of experience with freeweight and bodyweight training.

    There's a whole world of training advice online- most of which I would not give the time of day to. If you're a complete beginner to resistance training, the advice I would give is to :
    1) focus on bodyweight exercises as you outlined, as these will enable you to familiarize yourself with your body and develop compound strength whilst reducing the risk of injury
    2) To start with don't get caught up in the dizzying world of heavy vs light weights / few sets vs multiple sets- as a beginner you'll see gains regardless of the weight, sets or reps
    3) Don't over-do it
    4) Enjoy what you're doing
    5) Listen to your body
  9. How long should I wait to see results?

    I am trying to do "progressive overload", first 2 exercise days I did 10/4 (reps/sets) but on the third day (yesterday) I did 15/4

    Next week I will make it 16/4 and cap it at that for 2 weeks before I make it 17/4 etc.

    Quads: Lunges 15x4
    Butt and Hamstrings: Hip raises 15x4
    Push: Push ups 15x4 I did: (15 normal/13 normal-2 knee/12 normal-knee/10 normal-5 knee pushups)
    Pull: Pull ups (chair-assisted) 15x4 (it is so hard!)
    Core: Planks (I can barely feel my abs activated) 30 secs/4 sets
    Lower legs: Calf raises 50x2
    Bicep: Bicep Curls 8x4
    Triceps: Dumbbell Tricep Extension 8x4
    Rear Delts: Some rear delt dumbbell workout I don't know the name of (8x4)
    Forearms: Handgripper 25x4

    I do those exercises consecutively (in one day) 3 times a week

    Is it a good plan? If not, can you modify or suggest home-friendly modifications? perhaps tell me how long should I wait for results???
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    Hi Karakolt, apologies for the late reply. I'm assuming by results you mean muscle mass, as it's clear from your rep increase that you're gaining strength every workout. On the whole your workout is well proportioned, and if it's of a length you can you can manage 3 times a week without permanently feeling drained then its a good start, and you need to stick with it for 6 weeks. Through this time you'll most definitely see changes in your body and you'll have a good idea of what works for you, and what doesn't which will enable you to move forward to a new workout.

  11. Hey I can't do any workout that focuses on the rear delt properly... I think I might break my back because I am sure the form is crappy...

    Can I just ditch the rear ditch? I can't even work it....

    I have taken a picture of my skinny-fat belly on the first day I did the exercise, and I am going to take the second picture in the same spot after 90 days. Do you think I'll see a good change?

    Also can you be brief/give me basic nutritional tips? No matter how I cut my food I never lose weight.
    I haven't drunk soft drinks for a month
    Haven't eaten chocolate for a month
    Haven't eaten chips for like 4 months...
    (But I do eat stuff with sugar but hey not that much, although I am cutting more and more gradually...)

    I also stopped eating fast food. All the meals I eat are made at home by my mom.
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    You need to do some cardio, man! Walking, jogging, or running will work wonders for you. Are you trying to lose weight? Check out MyFitnessPal dot com for good encouragement and advice.
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    for the money, ok, (but the gym where I go is very cheap, maybe I am lucky)
    No need to be 'Rambo' to start boxe or martial arts, is a sport for everyone, it depends of the level that you do. And everyone starts from the basics. I like the amateur level, done just for good body and mind, and also fun. I don't like competitive level.

    Gym is good, but I have found great benefits from the simple and old run: deeper breath, best heart, open mind, freedom...

    At the end is what you like most. I suggest, if you can, just try.

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    Approve 100%

    For that I suggest to do sport EVERYDAY and OUT OF HOME and WITH OTHER PEOPLE

    This combination has the MAXIMUM benefit:

    - Everyday you remain focused on the target (the rest day is hard to nofap)
    - You stay out of home (is good for many reasons...)
    - Doing sport with other people (i.e. boxe, martial arts, even on soft levels are awsome to do strong friendship and also learn something in life)
    - I have done gym with the aim to increase muscle for at least 5 years, FOR ME, and only for me, is a fake/boring/waste of time. When you stop you lose it all. IF, and only if, you do gym AND also a good sport tha you love, you gain real muscle, good breath, good mind, good friends, things that remains also when you stop.

    This is only my 2 bucks from an old school guy of 40... so take it as for what they are.

    And, more important: Man you have done a good choice to start to thinking, plan, and act to stay better in your mind and body, that is the target :))
    The trick is that all of this will become your normal daily routine that you do even without thinking every day. (i.e. I have every day my gymbag ready, is natural and normal for me)

  15. I reached a best-streak of 13 days around 2 days ago and I relapsed twice. I have reached day 0 again. I feel so pissed off. I literally can't go past 2 weeks. No words or motivation change this. What to do man?
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    try again

    focus on improve your life

    when you find something that is better than fap you will do that instead of fapping