Can we be friends?

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  1. Hey everyone, most of us are alone. We have lost our friends. Well I'm creating this thread so that people who lost their friends can build some confidence. I request everyone who is reading this "Can we be friends?" We can connect ourselves. We can get back that lost confidence. Although we don't know each other in personnel but still we share our feelings. We share the bad impact of PMO on our life with each other. Can we take this bond to the next level? Can we be friends?
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    Hey bro, it's been a while since i replied to one of your posts back in Agust or July. Yeah sure we can be friends if you want. You can chat with me in Discord if you like, because here in NoFap, we just write a huge message and reply back hours, a day or even weeks. My discord username tag is Juice999 | SSS 25 | July 19#1729 (you can just copy it to make it easier) theres this discord server for teens (it's called NoFap Teens) that have alot of people(1,000+ people) and most of people are active every single day.

    Or you want we can just reply back to back, or make a conversation here in the NoFap forum?

    You can choose whatever you like!
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