Can you be addicted to only Masturbation?

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  1. I started Masturbating when I was 9 years old and have not been able to quite since (Now I am 21). I discovered that Porn helped me M and eventually became addicted to it as well. Throughout my life I have always watched P to help me M (instead of P leading to M). I am not sure if this is a common or at least a normal thing.

    About a year and a half ago I went 6 months with no P at all. Unfortunately, I could not stop M during that period. Sometimes I would go 2 weeks with no M, other times I would only go a couple days.

    I think that I am addicted first and foremost to M and secondly to P. Does anyone else have a similar experience?
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    When you say
    what happened after that, did you stay clean from porn?
  3. The addiction is to O in the end. That's what causes dopamine system to go haywire.

    I did MO my early teenage years without P and while it was considered "healthy", it affected the brain negativily and lead to PMO as a consequence later.
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    You said it yourself that you couldn't stop m during that period. If you can't control yourself, then that's a good indication that you're probably addicted to the solo act.
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  5. After 6 months of no P I fell back into it and haven't been able to quite for long since.

    Even though my addiction stems from MO, at this point in my life I know P, M, and O all work together to keep me addicted and trapped.
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  6. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. That is what I suspected. In the end it is the Dopamine that we are addicted to and PMO is just what helps us get it.
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    Of course you can be addicted to masturbation alone.

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