Can you get high from the smell of weed?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Daviesmark1, May 8, 2017.

  1. Daviesmark1

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    i was walking back to my room just now in student accommodation. I knocked my friends door as a joke and ran round the corner where you then go through a closed door to get in , there are a few rooms in this hallway and then another door to open to get out ( so smells are trapped as there is a door on either side)

    I went through and could smell weed, very strong, I kept walking and went through both doors... But now I feel funny, like dizzy?

    I have never smoked in my life / done drugs so am I concerned.

    Is there a chance I have been affected and if so how long will this last for!
  2. meanbean70

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    Yes you can get contact high from the airborn weed, but fear not, because weed has no lasting effects on you. It wont harm you in any way.
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  3. Poseidon

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    Yeah maybe a little bit, but it will go away within 5-20 minutes I'd imagine.
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  4. Thrashaholicism

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  5. Poseidon

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    Contact high's are real :p
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  6. Deadlihood

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    IMG_3980.JPG ^ me during a contact high ^
  7. Secondhand smoke. But if there's no smoke in the air then no you can't get high by the scent of weed
  8. overclocked

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    No. Some people who begin to smoke weed need to smoke a few times in order to get enough THC into their system, so that they can actually get high from one session alone. Since you do not smoke regularly, a little bit of smoke is probably not going to get you high, maybe just a little bit dizzy.

    If a long time smoker smells weed he might get triggered and enter a relaxed state. Like an ex porn addict gets a headrush when he types the name of his favorite porn site into his browser.
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  9. Chemdawg

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    If you just smell it, no. If you're getting a decent amount of secondhand smoke, yes. Smells that you find unpleasant can make you dizzy though. I have a pretty sensitive sense of smell and certain smells can make me dizzy or nauseous. I love weed though so ... yeah.
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  10. LEPAGE

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    I've never toked, but I have walked through a few hazed hallways and, other than the horrendous smell, I felt no ill effects.
  11. Moon Shot

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    Ever notice how posts like these get a ridiculous number of views, lol. @Daviesmark1, I highly doubt that you can get high on the scent, but secondhand smoke...ugh. But don't worry. It's not going to affect you in any major way.

    Have a good day and stay PMO (and weed) free!
  12. This is an important question for me since I work a job where I’m drug tested regularly and will be fired if I pop positive.

    My neighbor smokes weed constantly and doesn’t do anything else. His girlfriend supports him fully and he just sits at home smoking and drinking. The weed smell permeates through our common wall.

    I read up to see if I could be effected and the short answer is no.

    The long answer is a second hand person would have to be in a small closed room full of pot smoke for hours before they popped positive.

    I think you’re fine.
  13. This cracks me up. Someone would have to blow several hits directly into your face for you to feel any kind of buzz.
  14. You can go up there and hit him in his face knock the shit out of him
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    How in the world does this thread have 15 replies and almost 60,000 views
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  16. Ever seen the amount of replies and views a thread gets....
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    Guess that explains it.
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