Can you really be happy without addictions?

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  1. Think certain people just have addictive personalities. Yes you can be happy without addictions for sure.
    Majority of addictions are escapism from something or coping with something.
  2. Hank Pym

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    I think each of this addiction starts with "this is the best thing I have ever seen in my life", but after some time, " I'm bore all day but I can't live without this." Definitely that's not the happiness, its only the fake pleasure.

    The person will be and stay all time happy if he/she experience
    real beautiful moments,
    real interactions with the people and
    real sports and adventures and action.
  3. Absolutely you can be happy without addictions
  4. w95chris

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    What defines addiction? For example I am on Social media all the time but because my job is based on Social Media. Otherwise I could not care less about them
    You can be an addict but still have control over yourself. Let's say you drink a glass of vodka daily. Does that make you an addict?

    Of course I am not talking about narcotics or heavy substances for sure, rather than things most of us are addicted, like games coffee, social media etc
  5. ShadyPerson

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    You know that it's the addiction talking when you're questioning wether you can be happy without it. And no, everyone is not addicted to something. Have you ever considered that someone might actually have a healthy relationship with video games, social media, masturbation etc? It's the compulsive and excessive usage that makes addiction a bad thing.

    And hey, if you get ovet your addiction and end up still feeling miserable, how about you go and figure out what is making you miserable and fix it instead of trying to drown your sorrow in easy dopamine rushes? It's tough, but you'll end up being happier.
  6. Inhoullear

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    It is very difficulty to manage
  7. Of course you can! Some of the things you mentioned are fine in moderation. It's not like watching TV sometimes to help you relax after work is an addiction. You can still do the things that make you happy without being addicted to them.

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