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    Hey folks,

    If you read nothing else on this post, the stuff in bold red below is my major request of the community. Everything else is background info to explain my situation. Thanks!

    I've got a problem. The place I most desperately need access to nofap is on my mobile. I don't look at porn on my mobile, but most of the desktops I have access to are out in public at my school library. I'm an adjunct instructor and don't particularly want one of my students to stroll up to me, look at my screen, and say, "Oh, you're a wanker too? Great to have something in common with you!"

    That being said, I am trying to solve a problem with the site. When I access the forum on my mobile, I find that I can only type on the title bar, but the message section is an unresponsive block. I've tried to save photos of text and upload them. That didn't work either. So, I'm doing two things.

    1. The first thing I'm doing is contacting the company that created my web browser. My web browser is Covenant Eyes. I use them because they don't filter what I access, but instead just track it. It makes for good conversations with accountability partners about what I'm accessing. I contacted them to see if they could help me access a desktop version of the forum to see if I could actually type my messages there. They have good customer service and have already replied that they are looking into a way to address it.

    2. I'm asking you, the nofap community if you know an easier solution to my problem than having my browser access the desktop version of the forum. Is there something I'm doing wrong that is making it impossible for me to write in the message section? The title section works just fine. Is there a button I'm supposed to be pushing that I'm overlooking? Help me out here folks; I need to be a part of this community!


    grADD student

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