Cannot work because of NOFAP - serious help needed

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by holybringer, Jun 1, 2016.

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    before I discovered nofap, I was fapping like 5-7 a day (well I have my own internet company and working from home, so I have access to PC all day) ..well there is my issue. I started yesterday (I know lol) ... well I discovered that I was serious addicted to porn and masturbating, so I know this is the true move, but since I am working from home, I cannot concentrate on work and I didnt do anything yesterday and today (just thinking about sex).

    Any tips what I should do ? I cannot start fapping again but I need to work. It is like I should explode in a few minutes :( thank you for all tips
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    Do you have a old cooking timer? The kind you wind up. Not your phone. Use it to work in 30 min bists.
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    Start meditating. FORCE yourself to work. 1 minute at a time, if you can´t go on take a break. then again, again and again. It doesn´t matter how much work you get done but that you start getting it done. Just work and try to throw out all sexual thoughts and images. I know, it is hard but take one step at a time.
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    Do some physical exercise man...take a cold shower...go out for a run, or do the sprint 100m walk back, then sprint again, and so on. CONCENTRATE!

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