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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Crunchy leaves, May 10, 2018.

  1. Crunchy leaves

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    It's been always my dream to be able to draw, especially when it comes to my favorite anime character. However, I can't draw at all, all i can do is just copying 1:1 from already-exist fanart. Help me, i'm depressed :( how do i able to draw??

    *of course it's not really depressing when it's compared to PMO's side effect, but it really annoy my mind till now :(
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  2. SilentJay313

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    Trust me it's possible. A lot of people start out with just being able to just copy images of cartoon characters and such, but as long as you're wanting to learn the underlying ideas of things like anatomy, perspective, understanding shading and how light works you can learn to draw anything. You'll definitely have to learn a lot, but starting with the basics is the key. Look into books by Andrew Loomis, Burne Hogarth, Michael Hampton, Valerie Winslow and George Bridgeman. Study other artists (not just your favorites), and learn about how they make their art. And most of all, practice. You may start making progress sooner than you think.
  3. Crunchy leaves

    Crunchy leaves Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the advice!, there is a fanart competition that end now that i want to join, but my lack of drawing skill prevent me to. Giving me experience to not expect that i'll be able to draw without exercise (one of my bad habit)
  4. Helio Nimbus

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    The best drawers had to start somewhere, so they practised, just like you can.
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    You practice. Art is more a skill than a talent.
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  6. Headspace

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    I agree with the others. If you really want to be able to draw, invest time and energy to learn and practice it. Use tutorials on Youtube, buy a book or even visit some course that will teach you drawing, in case you have access to something like that.
  7. Yes lots and lots of practice and allow yourself to make mistakes - leave perfectionism behind as much as you can as it causes procrastination which hinders progress (I speak from experience!).

    I second Andrew Loomis books, he was brilliant. You could set up an instagram page for your art, join in challenges and share. In October there is a good one called Inktober which often has a lot of inspiring work from a range of disciplines. Follow artists who inspire you but remember not to compare your start with their middle. Most of all draw what inspires you. And look up Ira Glass's quote "nobody tells this to beginners...", it's so good I have it up on my wall ☺
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  8. HatePorn

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    I starting a new carrier and it involves drawing.
    I take the lessons from here:

    Drawing requires time, practice and will, cry babing wont help you with that, good luck...
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  9. Millenial

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    Use your iPhone or better still an iPad ( Apple Notes app ). It's always clean and ready and saves you setting up pens and paper and lights. A stylus costs about $2.
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