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  1. I have been dating this girl for what seems like ages. I am not getting anywhere with her because I am just feeling numb. She likes me, I like her. But my thoughts about her are just looping. When I am with her, I dont have that drive to flirt with her. She probably thinks I am not that into her at this point. I feel flat most of the time. I can appear normal on the outside but on the inside I am just hollow. I flirt with her and she flirts back but there is no escalation. I cant get myself to kiss her. I am diagnosed with depersonalisation disorder. It is trauma related but I think my PMO addiction is just making it so much worse.
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    take it slow my friend there are no need to rush everything
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    I think we need a little more details in order to give advice (if you want it). Like, how many dates have you been on, how long have you been talking to her, ever held hands/hugged, etc. Anyway, here's my surface-level advice. If you feel like you may be overstepping her boundaries by going in for a kiss, maybe you should just ask her next time? Might sound stupid as fuck, but thats what I did with my ex, and then we made out for a solid 2 hours. Never know until you try/ask, my man. And like hollyman said, no need to rush. I hope everything works out for you.

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