Cant feel nothing romanticly to any woman

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TheJackLnd, Oct 10, 2020.

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    Hey friends, i am isolated from society for 3 years, i don't know anything about making a girlfriend or even a friend.(so i am virgin) The problem is since i started the high school i don't have a crush. I just basicly can't like a girl romanticly. But before the high school i fall in love with somebody in almost every year. So what is the Problem? What just caused that? Everyone say that i'm handsome, even girls. So i have no Problem with my looking. But i have no motivation to go and try to meet a woman. I just want sexual stuff but not something romantic. Thanks for help

    Sorry for my bad ENGLAND
  2. That high sexuality and constant desire of sex,
    That impossibility to find romanticism in a woman, but only sex, pussy, tits and ass,
    That lack of motivation in talking to women unless for fucking,
    That's all fault of excessive masturbation.

    Start NoFap, stop watching porn or masturbating. Start talking to women just for the sake of socialising.
    Start seeing friendship in a girl, not only a sexual relationship.

    Let me know what you think about this solution and keep me updated with your progress.
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    Thank you for your help, i am doing nofap for 5 day it was so hard so far, some scenes from porns i have watched before and sexual thoughts are coming to my mind involuntarily. But i am trying to resist. And when i see other men that have girlfriend . I feel like a loser and feel depressed. Because having a girlfriend seems impossible for me. I have some social Problems. talking with people is hard for me. I am scared to approach (find it a little bit awkward tho) and can't find subject to talk. I hope i will got over it some day.
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  4. Those problems will all fade away with NoFap. Just stick with it. I can say it from my experience.
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