Cant flirt, pretty depresed

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by RamboErecto, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Just getting depressed, since im pretty lonely long time ago. Tried Tinder and eventually i manage to meet some girls and do the thing.

    But, i feel very bad at myself, like theres a lot of normal nice womans around, and i see everyone meeting each other. But not me, im like a TV.

    Im be very honest and verbal to say this, is the best way i can explain: I feel like im just picking up ugly/fat girls that probably are in the same league as me. But i dont see myself as ugly, but yes with a great confidence problem that i cannot fix.

    Also, i have no idea how to approach a woman. Im now 30 yo and that was the problem in my entire life. The limited number of times that i had to be with beautiful womans, i just trow it at the window for PIED.

    So, all is shit.

    Reading i found this that make me laugh, and the same time give me a weird feeling about reality. What do you think?

    15 Genuine Struggles Of People Who Can’t Flirt

    Flirting for some people is like trying to watch a Sajid Khan film- you’re trying to make sense of how to do it, but you fail every single time. It’s not your fault, though; you’re just not blessed with the flirting gene. It really sucks to know that people around you are good at it, and compared to that, you’re just about as good at it as a chimp would be.

    Following are the struggles of people who just can’t flirt:

    1. You realized this truth about yourself because of several failed attempts at flirting.

    And it sucked.

    2. And every time you think of how you had tried to flirt, it makes you cringe

    Can’t believe I actually did that and expected it to work. *tries to erase memory permanently*

    3. There is nothing that can make you feel worse than reading tips on how to flirt

    Lies. All lies.

    4. Because of your bad flirting skills, you’re pretty much the mayor of the friendzone

    Huh. No thanks.

    5. Being stared at weirdly when you try a line is not new to you

    Wanted to look like Joey Tribbiani, ended up looking like Chandler Bing.

    6. You’re very, very aware of how weird you get when you’re trying to flirt

    And yet, you can’t stop.

    7. Since you’re not blessed with the talent of flirting, you aren’t blessed with understanding when someone’s flirting with you

    “She winked at you, dude.”
    “Lol I think her eye was twitching lol.”

    8. You don’t even bother thinking about talking to your crush, because you know how it’ll end if you try

    Starting with nausea and excessive sweating, to probably dying.

    9. Social media is your best friend when it comes to talking to someone you find attractive.

    If there as good in person as you were on Facebook, life would be simple. Buuuut it’s not.

    10. You honestly wonder how your friends can flirt so well

    *Goes green with jealousy*

    11. They’ve tried to help you out by giving you tips on how to do it, but you just can’t

    Continue keeping eye contact while eating a banana? Wut?

    12. Being in bars and watching other people getting their game on is the worst

    Ugh people with skills ugh.

    13. But, overall, when you’re not cursing your stars every time an attractive person walks by, you’re pretty chill about yourself

    It’s okay. It’s okay. IT’S OKAY.

    14. On rare occasions, your bad flirting skills actually make you come across as cute


    15. And you know that someday, your natural charm and charisma will woo someone, without you even trying

    It’s called connecting with someone, persons.
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    My Journal
    flirting is fun ill hand you that, but thats all it, men have sports woman have flirting, its a female sport, after a nice nofap cleanse, 140 plus days i feel like a new man, and just being in the presence of a lady is enough for me, i stutter my words , i accidentally bump into things, or drop things , i act liek a teenager whose interacting with his crush, its great, an i dont even flirt, i just have normal discussions like the weather or what i did yesterday, i use to think i had to flirt too, i signed up to dating, flirt coach, they help build my mind to think differently but really flirting is not important, i can pm you the coaches if your interested, but i only see it as fun, can i ask what your longest streak is
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  3. The Wrestler

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    What makes you so hard on yourself?
    Why is the confidence problem unfixable?
  4. Juannr

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    I suppose it feels bad, what I can assure you is that it feels worse to don't have results due to the fact of never having flirted :D

    Appreciate defeat.
  5. Marik757

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    Flirting is a vague topic. Flirting with an stranger and flirting with someone you know are two different things. Flirting socially, and physically are two different things. And it's only a struggle if you choose to let it be an struggle...

    Think. Your close female friends/co-workers (Past & Present). Did you flirt with them at first to gain friendship & trust? Probably not.
    How did you open-up to them? What common interests did you have with them to create a friendship/trusting bond? Did you ever laugh and joke with them casually in a group setting? Where did all that confidence go?

    That said... If you're out looking with the mindset you have now you'll be seen as desperate person… so instead just focus on you. Go out and do stuff "ALONE," and build some confidence. Go to the gym, concerts, go fishing, hunting/airsoft, dance, learn something, just do something you'll like. Make connections with people this way. The more connections the better and eventually "She" will come along.

    As time goes on it will be easier to laugh, joke around, and eventually if she likes you flirt (socially & Physically). Why because you are comfortable around someone you can be open with...
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  6. Depressed&Out

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    I don't think I would be bad at flirting if I didn't have PIED!

    Because of my erection problems, I'm finding it hard 'getting close' to women intimately.

    I mean, can you imagine someone flirting with a women and taking her to bed knowing he will fail?

    I seem to be in an impossible situation. :(
  7. Landser

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    Dude i was flirting with no problem before my PMO problem. Maybe if you stop that your skills and confidence will increase.
  8. Sorry to say. But this is some made up bs.

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