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    Hey, this is my first post here, I just don't know where to turn. I'm 18 y.o. (male) and have been watching porn/masturbating almost daily since I was 13-14. Last summer (2018), I had the chance to lose my virginity, but when I tried to have sex for the first time I couldn't get hard no matter how much she or I fiddled with it. It blew a huge hole in my self esteem and basically ruined any chance I had with that girl. Fast forward to now, I just entered a serious relationship with another girl, and the first time we tried to have sex same thing, no matter how much foreplay I couldn't get hard. Again, devestated my self confidence and now I'm almost scared to try again. I don't want to lose another girl over my sex game and hate feeling this way. I masturbate almost daily because of how shitty I feel, I tried to cut out porn a few months ago but every now and then I relapse on that too. Is the answer simply to stop beating it for a few weeks and try again? Is there hope for me? How long do I have to refrain from jerking it before I can be like everyone else :( need answers I feel like shit
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    Hi man!

    Don't worry, it is about how you have been threating your brain and your dick, you have been fapping to pornography daily and you have get used your brain to watch porn and get aroused by it. If we think a little bit about it the cure is to stop PMOing, getting away from all the sexual thoughts related to porn and masturbation, and then after a month or even a couple of weeks due that you haven't jerk off or watch any kind of porn, you will be hard and horny AF.

    So the point is stop PMO, give it time, let rest your dick, and then you will see that when your girl touch your dick you will be hard and horny because you have a lot of sexual energy repressed.

    My best wishes Warrior!
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  3. FamousVert

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    Thanks man! Means a lot & hope ur right
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    You are so young that once you stay away from PMO for a little while, sex with your girl will be amazing. If she works with you and you tell her the truth about your addiction, then she will enjoy you and you will enjoy her to the fullest.
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    Yeah hopefully, sometimes I feel like I'll never reboot fully because of how often I PMO'd but you're probably right
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    dont worry bro, i had the same fears and so called "problems" before my first sex with a woman when i was 22/23..
    my real first time i was honest with her, i told her that: "i am so shy and insecure, from so much stress i cant get erect at all", i told her the truth.. so in the begining she tryed with me many hours.. nothing worked
    but eventualy she tryed some "trick" and i got it on and finished.. after many hours..
    since then i gained confidence and slept with as many as i could..
    now at almsot 30 i wish i didnt slept with so many women and escorts and what not.. just wish i had a stable normal relationship..
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    what trick?
  8. badteresa

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    All men have this happen at one time or another
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    Hey man , i feel you on so many levels.
    I've been abusing my penis to porn since i was 9 and im 25 now.
    Masturbating for almost 2 decades (which sounds funny now and fucking emarrassing) and severe porn addiction caused me to have the same problem as you.
    I had 2 girls i couldn't get hard with and it shattered my self esteem as a man , it happened countless times with prostitues/hook ups.
    It's the porn and masturbation , you're so used to it that nothing else will turn you on like that.
    But i know that it is so hard to quit , i've been trying for about 3-4 years now and i still can't...
    Looking back now i regret so much even doing it and not stopping sooner , wasting all my time as a young kid on this shit , the sooner the better , you only live once.
    Stay strong and hopeful!
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