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    Im 15 i been on nofap for months but my longest streak is only 5 days. Before i started I would do PMO 5 times a day now i do it once a day but i still want to stop. Its quarantine and I cant leave the home. I keep myself busy by working out often but I still end up watching porn I deleted my instagram and snapchat but i still watch porn. I want to stop masturbating but every day i masturbate even tho im trying to stop. How do i pass the first week when i'm in quarantine? My family wont let me leave the house either and if i tell my mom that i watch porn she will get mad. Any tips?
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    Hello, I advise you to stop using any phone or computer that access the internet for a while, give yourself a rest, stop being alone, stop all sexual fantasies, avoid bad friends, socialize more often, go to bed only when sleepy.

    Delete all porn and porn bookmarks from all your devices. I recommend abstaining from social media and this includes YouTube. Also, put porn blockers on all devices. This is crucial at least for the first 90 days of your no PMO journey.

    If you have successfully abstained for 90 days, then you can continue using the internet-enabled gadget, but filters and blockers have to be installed in them, delete all files that contain explicit materials from your devices, parental control software should also be considered. If you are brave enough to trust somebody (a friend, family member, religious leader, psychiatrist, or a counselor) you share your experience with him, Let him be there to help you and alert him whenever you feel the urge to PMO by call, text, or any other mean.

    Doing the above steps would boost up your motivation, improve your willpower, and make you good at decision-making. The next step is to remove all blockers, and filters from your phones or computers, download self-help ebooks such as "internet pornography and the emerging science of addiction” by Gary Wilson, read them anytime you feel the urge.

    If you can strictly adhere to the steps, I think you can quit PMO.


    1. Social media are poison, resume using them only when you feel healed,

    2. Instantly delete any image, text, video clip, or movie, that contain nudity, no matter how interested you are in it.
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    I recommend dopamine fast. It's very heavy and you can get depressed too, and whether this is scientific or not is still debated. I am doing it right now and yes I really feel the dopamine system is getting better. I guess give it a try, you don't have much left to lose anyway. And try to do this for a week and at the end of 1 week try to do what our friend said above. As I said, this topic is still discussed but I think you try
  4. A little bit of advice. First, don't worry about the number of days. Stop counting them. Who cares?
    The number of guys who make it to 90 days and then soon relapse is huge - guys like me. When I stopped counting I felt better.
    Just do your best to quit.
    Start imagining the kind of guy you want to be and work on that. Study hard and stay healthy. 15 is a great time to start working on the kind of man you want to be.
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    Counting days is for me like counting kgs/lbs when you drop weight. It is motivating to see the numbers in the beginning but after you have a stable healthy lifestyle/diet its not neccecery anymore. After 90 days i probably wont look at it more than occasionally. I dont even look at it every day now when i am over a few weeks but its nice to see how far you have gone.
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    A memo for anyone close to Relapse, read it and see how it will Magically makes you Stop. Sometimes I need to read this myself.


    You have taken 22 years of my life and have gotten me nowhere. There were times when I thought you could comfort my mind, body, spirit, and soul but truly you were just a deceptive foe. You enabled me to waste hours upon countless hours on temporary highs tied with permanent lows. These hours that you’ve taken away from me were so crucial to me for developing into a decent, normal, successful human being. I could’ve been more than just a C student in highschool and college if you weren’t there with me. I could’ve spent more time socializing and improving on my people skills and professional development than spending it alone with you in my room. My mind has been in a dense fog and I have been a slave to your commands ever since you’ve entered my life 22 years ago. I recall you enabling me to spend countless hours on the computer screen for days to just watch hundreds upon hundreds of images and videos that served no purpose other than to temporarily excite the primitive side of my brain and to permanently diminish the intellectual and creative side. I have grown more anti-social and dumber every-time you are by my side. You made me lose out on relationships, high gpa's, high-paying careers, and soon-to-be successful business ventures. Because of you I’ve never seemed to keep up with initiatives and never had a keen sense of urgency for anything. Everything seemed like a chore ever since you came along. You took the essence of life away from me for cheap and temporary thrills. If I keep you with me, I will keep losing more than I’ve lost already and no one will remember me to be anything profound. If you’re still with me, I will not have any slither of legacy stories that my future generations would talk about at the dinner table. For this is why I want you to stay away from me and never come back. You might’ve taken 22 years of my life, you are not taking any more. I don’t want you to be part of my life anymore. With you, my life is full of darkness, despair, and regret. I will reread this everytime I am close to relapsing. I am writing this memo so I can re-read it to myself with affirmation so that I never go back to you for comfort. I will face life with all its glory and difficulties without you. I will continue to redirect my flow of energy towards productive goals and activities. Stay out my life for good Mr. PMO so I can truly be free.
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