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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by egillila8967, Aug 22, 2015.

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    Can't sleep and all I want to do is fall into old habits. Approaching day 5 now. Not sure that its withdrawal or I was really bored or just horny today. I didnt give in but the temptation was very strong. I can't help but think that satiating the urge is normal and healthy, but at the same time I'm really trying to change old habits and reconfigure my brain's reward response - especially with women. Its no doubt that I'm addicted to porn. I've been vying for it for almost 15 years now. Have never. Ever gone more than 2 weeks with out MO since I was an adolescent. People here are talking about 60, 90 days. I don't know how its done.

    The trouble sleeping doesn't help. But I think I'll pull through.
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    When I go to sleep I tell myself fapping isn't an option and there's no point in considering it.

    Wear pajamas too if your not already.

    When you wake up the next day your counter will have gone up one day, think of that too.

    If you fap it's back to zero.

    These are thoughts that help me.
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    Did you edge or M before you sleep? Because if you do, I think your sleeplessness might be from your brain adjusting to none of that during the night.

    Be on your bed 30 minutes before your normal sleeping time. I find that reading a really nice book helps me drift to sleep in substitute of edging. Good luck!
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