Can't stop after last Relapse

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Furozima10, Apr 2, 2022.

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    I relapsed after some 365 days of NO PMO, and the addiction has gotten back and even Harder

    The boners are Stronger, the orgasms are more intense, everything is more Hard now and the Addiction itself got back but worse and impossible to handle

    I made the biggest mistake of my Life, and Relapsed.

    How can I stop now from binge-watching and fapping every day?!
  2. Definitely everything will feel more intense, a lot more pleasurable. That's because youd body has re-sensitized itself. Meaning you enjoy things a lot more, even masturbation and porn. However, remind yourself that this won't last, you be addicted again and desensitize yourself again and feel horrible again. You enjoyed it, now it's time to stop and get back to reality. Because I'd you go down this path again, if you end up meeting someone, the sex won't feel good :/
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    Transmute the sexual energy and negative emotions. Everyday for the rest of your life.
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    1. Realize that you are addicted to tension, stress and misery.
    2. Accept it.
    3. Gently tell yourself that there is no meaning walking those wretched path.
    4. Change the course.

    More often than not, we stay in the rut because we are afraid or lazy to make that uncomfortable change of course. Consciously choosing to walk away from stupidity takes strength, presence and resolve. You got all these qualities. All you need to do is execute it.

    Consciously, Deliberately, walk towards strength and mastery.

    The realization that there is not an iota of good there is in porn is enough to walk away from it. Stay strong friend
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