Can't stop looking at girls

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deth, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Third_Eye

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    That is quite true
  2. Deth

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    Just coming back to thank you again for this advice! Everyone reading through this, give this a try. It's incredibly helpful, and it always leaves me feeling clear and almost refreshed. Thank you!!
  3. CoolRandomDesiDude

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    It is all mind games bud. You have to learn the proper associations. As one person said above, just look, acknowledge and move on. It adds a bit of class I should say.
  4. CoolRandomDesiDude

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    Ever since I have started lifting weights, I engrained this philosophy in my head that you get stronger by resistance training. If you are on a big streak, take my advice at your own risk but if you have had recent relapses, may I suggest this. Go and search up those fap compilations and every time you get hard pause, get down and do 15 pushups. If it is still there, 15 situps. If it remains 15 squats. If it is not gone then plank for how long you need to until that bastard shrivels up. If that doesn`t kill your boner, I don`t know what will. You must be high on testosterone and should have slayed many thots if that thing survives. Then get back on the video and resume and repeat. To check your progress, track how many seconds you can last before the first one pops up or how many you pop in one video.
  5. unbeepmyself

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    couldn't have said it better.
  6. chuMin

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    As mad as girls get, it's actually normal for men to glance at attractive girls, it's instinctive and a natural behavior. However, I actually do NOT suggest letting it slide for now, only because you are recovering. In my experience, checking out hot girls in passing increased my urges even after I've returned home hours later. Though it's impossible to avoid completely, you could limit it by looking down as you walk, using only peripherals to weave between people. Or you can try focusing your gaze onto specific objects along your paths as you walk. The goal is to keep your gaze from wandering too long! Once youve fully recovered from addictive behavior, only then should you be free to check out all the girls~

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