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    So today is day 90 for me of no PMO and 155 days no P although I did slip up and make mistakes but I never went to look at real P. Obviously it's been tough along the way and its all been a process of learning. I do still get urges but they're no where near as strong now and I'm able to deny the urges more easily.

    I didn't expect to be cured by now but progress just feels super slow. It's been over 5 months since watching porn (as I said, I made mistakes in other ways but still) and I've still got this stuff in my head that I feel like I can't control and I don't see my sex therapist regularly enough to really get the answers I need when I need them.

    My main problem right now is specifically with looking at girls. My partner (technically ex now) knows I still have these sexual compulsions because I told her and it's really hard for her to bare so she's said that if I'm not better by the summer then she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. I love her deeply so doing this for her is massively important.

    How do I stop this compulsive behaviour? I try to stop myself but we all know that compulsions aren't really as simple as just saying "no" to them. I often do manage to stop but it does feel out of control.

    Help would be much appreciated

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