Cant stop thinking about crush

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by D*mnSon, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. D*mnSon

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    help me, i just thought about my crush. It was just romantic fantasies, but then it became pretty sexual and i got a boner. I didnt indulge in that thought and i tried everything to surpress it.god damn it. i got an urge to masturabte then, but i didnt. But is this a relapse anyways?
  2. w95chris

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    You answered your question. You did not masturbate so it is not a relapse, not by a longshot. Just stay cool and keep moving forward
  3. glasgow

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    Go and talk to her. Be gentle with her, be fun, do not think about sex or anything. Try to be friendly to her. No, no... do not try to impress her, flirt with her but with sincerity, neither try to make her fall in love with you. Just, be your better self for her.

    One of two things could happen.

    1. She finds out that she likes you, so she starts to smile, she wants to be with you on future occassions, she calls you... and you will decide what to do.
    2. She will reject your company, yeah yeah, you will be sad, yada yada, move on... wait a moment!! you will not recent her for that, you just will... move... on.

    But the first you need to do... is to go and talk to her and show her who you really are. If you try to evade what is unknown, you will never know how the things could be between you two. We are talking about your crush here, you don't want to reach old age and think: "damn I should have talked to her... sigh".

    Buena suerte amigo.

    Why I recommend you this? Because you are thinking too much about her, and you are creating a idolized version of herself for your entertainment. don't waste your mental energy with that... just go and find out how the things could be.
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  4. Astro77

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    Yeah I think it's a good thing. The aim of nofap isn't to destroy your sexual energy but to convert it from computer screens to real people. Be happy! I'm flatlining right now and would love a boner. Accept the feelings, move on or do something about them. Don'r repress the emotions; express your sexual energy healthily. Don't beat yourself up for feeling like this be happy. If you haven't masturbated, you haven't relapsed.

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