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    hi guys, i cant seem to do more than a couple of days of nofap then i binge weird fetish porn for hours. It is shameful. I really feel the effects of excessive PMO in that it makes me feel weak and energyless but i cant stop.

    Any advice or tips on how to just get a few more days under my belt and get some momentum going to get an indefinite streak?
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    It's not possible to simply quit a habit because it has strong connections in your brain. Instead, you need to replace it with a new habit.

    Start learning to draw. Then any time you start getting urges, go draw instead :). Keeping yourself busy in general is a great way to avoid fapping.

    But whatever you do, don't sit around idly whenever you would normally be fapping. Because you'll just keep thinking about watching porn, until you can't stop yourself anymore. You need to find something new to do.
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    Hey Man, I’ve with 55 plus guys here with varying degrees of success as an Accountability Partner using tools I created to help me stop PMOing. It takes a care evaluation of your sexual development, experiences and factors that drive you to PMO in a private 1:1 running conversation. After you complete an in depth survey, I share your experiences with group norms, never sharing your data or that of anyone in the group by name. After eval, presenting strategies to help you specifically, I then offer daily support, accountability and encouragement. MANY guys - millions - are in your shoes and I was there to. You are not alone. Let me know if u are interested in us working together.
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