Can't Take A Hint Stories?

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  1. I thought it would be fun to share stories all about failing to take hints, be it other people failing to take them or yourself. So what's your best "they (or you) couldn't take a hint story?

    EDIT: Thanks for the replies, I wasn't sure this would take off!
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  2. Reconnected with a girl I sorta knew as a kid when she came to my church. We got along well from day one and hung out a bit, but literally like a few days after we met she wanted to do all the things with me and I just knew she was into me. I think I’m dumb because it doesn’t matter who, but whenever I meet a new girl I get excited and think that I might like her. This will wear off in a few days and I sure as heck did with her, even more than normal because she was over the top wanting to hang out... it seemed a bit desperate. So I should have immediately told her I don’t like her, but I tried to act not interested but still be a friend. Few weeks later we were on a church camp and she basically had a breakdown because of other personal issues, she had to tell me what was up with her and I responded that the feelings were not mutual. She had basically figured me out though.

    So I thought we’re cool. We were closer friends after the camp because I then knew about her personal struggles and wanted to support her emotionally. Unfortunately, later she said she still likes me and I was like, I still don’t like you and nothing is ever going to happen between us. Then she was like bUt HoW cAn YoU bE sUrE yUo NeVEr kNoW wHaTs GoNnA HaPpEn! And I wanted to say ***** are you crazy, but I’m too sensitive and not assertive enough. So basically we redid this convo once or twice, but she claimed she doesn’t like me or at least she doesn’t know and she isn’t looking for a relationship. I pushed to make sure she was sure, because I never never wanted to lead her on. I said that from the beginning.

    We are still friends but I’m kinda scared that she was lying to me and herself, and that she still likes me.
  3. I thought my first girlfriend was a lesbian until she was dragging me into her room. Probably a lesson there though, in that I wasn't worried about impressing her or anything.

    A good time someone did take a hint- some kid poked my arse with a chair leg in geography class. I looked at the teacher, and bless him, he turned around and just stood facing the board, so I could leather the lad.

    Lost my job as an Oftsed inspector but it was worth it.
  4. Oh geez, I have a lot of these. But one in particular stands out, because it was awful.

    I used to know this guy in college. For context, I should note that I'm pretty sure I only spoke to him in person maybe like... 3 times at the most? All brief "hey how's it going" encounters on campus. We never really talked that much on social media at the time either, but later on, post college and after I was married, we kind of started talking a bit when I added him on snapchat. We didn't send pics or anything really, just used the chat function there.

    A few times he would mention wanting to hang out sometime, and initially I thought that might be fun, but I also thought it would be pretty awkward, since I barely know him and I don't know any of his friends. Also, I'm very introverted and prefer to spend a lot of time alone or with my close friends and family.

    So I think at one point I said that might be fun, and that he should let me know if something comes up, like if he's going to see a movie or something with some people and wants to invite me, or something like that. I knew it would be awkward, but he seemed to really want to hang out with me, so I decided it would be nice to at least give it a shot, even if I was a bit uncomfortable.

    But the thing is, he's one of those people who always says "we should hang out sometime" and I always say "yeah, sure, that sounds cool," but he NEVER actually makes a plan or invites me to anything. Being that I wasnt super excited about the idea, and that I'm always the one who makes plans in most of my friend groups and I'm kind of tired of people expecting me to just do everything for them, I just decided to wait until he actually asked me to do something.

    So fast forward a few months or so. We had been chatting off and on for a while through the months, and at various times we would get into discussions that were a bit deeper, and we ALWAYS ended up disagreeing, and not in a pretty way. He seemed to get pretty rude and either condescending or angry when I wouldn't agree with him on something, like religious or social views, and it just became clear to me over time that he wasn't someone I really wanted to be close friends with. Looking back, I think I had a weird vibe from him in the beginning, which is probably also partly why I didn't want to try to hard to make a plan to hang out. I also told him many times that it couldn't just be the two of us, because I'm married and I'm not comfortable with that, and he seemed cool with that for the most part.

    Anyway, one day things got really explosive. I kind of figured he would get the hint after a while that I wasn't super interested in hanging out, since I never offered any suggestions of what we could do together (but again, neither did he), but eventually I decided to just be blunt and tell him the truth.

    The next time he asked me to hang out, he started getting all mad at me for not making a plan for us to hang out, because he's always the one who suggest we should and it should be a give and take in a friendship. Apparently, in his mind, "give and take" means that he should make a suggestion and I should do all of the work to make his idea come to fruition. I tried explaining to him that if you're the one suggesting hanging out, you should make the plan, and I told him that if he ever invited me to something I was interested in I probably would have said yes, but he never did. He still maintained that I was a bad friend for not doing all of the work and inviting him to something.

    At that point, I had enough of his constantly getting mad at me when I didn't do whatever he wanted me to or believe whatever he believed, so I told him that honestly, I'm not really interested in hanging out with him. I can't remember my exact words, but I'm a nice person and I don't like conflict with people I know, so I'm sure what I said was and gentle as I could be while still being clear.

    I told him that I'm an introvert and I like to spend a lot of time by myself and that I like to save the time when I DO feel like socializing, for people I'm close with and don't get to see often. He lost his shit.

    I can't remember everything he said exactly, but I do remember a few gems. One of which being that he called me a "weird ass *****" and said that I'm basically a loser with no social skills and that I'm never going to make any new friends if I'm not willing to hang out with people I don't know (which, first of all, isn't what I said. I was perfectly willing to hang out with him before he started being a jerk. And secondly, I already have more friends than I ever have time for, so I'm not really that interested in making new friends, especially with someone like him.)

    He also said that my husband must be a really great guy to "put up with me." That was kind of the last straw for me, because once someone brings my family into their long winded, angry, swearing rants, I'm done.

    I told him I was blocking him, and I did, on all social media platforms. I really wish I still had the screenshots from the conversation, because they were so much worse than I just described, but I think I deleted them. At the time, his words were very hurtful and I was in tears over being called a "weird ass *****" and being told that I'm never going to have friends and that I don't know how to socialize, which is already something I'm self conscious about. So I'm pretty sure I deleted the screenshots, so I wouldn't dwell on them.

    I did check back on his Twitter a day or so later, and he was ranting about me, still thinking he was totally in the right. He also tried to add me on Facebook not very long ago, after never having apologized for his behavior. That was an easy decline for me.

    If anything, I'm just glad that his reaction was an immediate confirmation for me that I was completely right to not want to spend time with him in person, and to have a bad vibe about him. I have no interest in spending time with someone who becomes a bully the second they don't get what they want.
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    When I was a freshman (I was the youngest of my class by a year)
    There was a Christmas play at church
    I was Joseph and she was Mary, so I had to walk her down the isle with my arm on her shoulder.

    After the first recital, she was talking very loudly with her friend about, here let me quote it..
    "Yeah, I want a boyfriend, but I don't want to have sex or anything"
    I was the only one in the room so you can imagine how much I fucked that up. I just did a 180* and left the room as red as a tomatoe.
    Then, a few conversations later, she just casually says, "and you're hot."
    I was used to being antisocial so this was new for me. we just walked in silence..

    It's safe to say things never went anywhere with that. Christmas eve was the worst because of how cringey it was.
    She was very much upset with me.

    On the that Christmas eve, I think she tried to get me under the mistletoe with her, but I didn't get the hint. Yeah, she told me to come with her down these isolated stairs from the choir loft. I was like, "no need for that, this way will be quicker"
    I don't know if i'm more angry or regretful with my actions because I was also very much into her.
    Am cry

    this was also before PMO ruined my life, I was 13. I was working out more often at the time too

    Edit #2: am more cry
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  6. Why did you indulge this lunatic for that long, do you think? If you don't mind me asking.
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  7. Sheesh, man, what a story. If you don't mind my asking, why are you still friends with this chick?
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  8. I'll be honest. While I definitely sympathise and agree that that guy was somebody to stay away from, don't you blame yourself at least slightly for texting some other guy you barely knew and for indulging him that long? You were uncomfortable about indulging him and agreeing to hang out in the first place after all.

    Although you did mention that you dislike conflict with people you don't know, so am I to take it that you thought saying no would upset him and you wanted to avoid that?
  9. XD Sorry man, I can't help but laugh juuuussst a bit. I read more stories like this on Reddit where other guys report just not being able to handle girls being so forward like that. Although you being 13 makes it far more understandable.
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    Sheesh, blunder years they were :rolleyes:
    What is your story man?
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  11. Lol I was talking to Castielle my man. Didn't think your girl was that much of a lunatic personally...
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    She's my girl now!? awesome dude!
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  13. Alright, I got a story and I'll share it now since there have been replies in this thread.

    At the age of 16, I learned about a music school right next to my math school (I was homeschooled, so I went to multiple places for learning) and decided to sign up for it. I had been playing piano for about 5 years by then and thought it would be a pretty educational experience. And it was... but not without some problems...

    When I arrived, I hung around and met all the folks I was going to be working with, but when lunch came, I decided to have it by myself. There were a bunch of girls having lunch in a room (this school had primarily girls in it), but I was too shy to just sit down and eat with them, so I went into another room. Here enters a girl, we'll call her 'M'. She decided to sit with me as I ate my lunch and began chatting me up and she seemed pretty alright. I wasn't attracted to her in the slightest, however as the girl wasn't pretty at all. But after the day was done, I didn't see 'M' until a couple of months later.

    I joined a Recording class and she was there and when she saw me, she said something along the lines of "Hey! You're that guy I saw a few months back!"

    And enters the most annoying person I've ever met in my entire life. I have never met someone so unable to take a hint. For at least 3 years, this girl tried her hardest to signal that she liked me, often times, way too hard. Constant compliments, touching me, "do me eyes", hell, she even tried to say in front of me and two other students that I was crushing on her. To which I proceeded to flip her off. I went to her birthday party once and the week after, she told me her parents loved me and were asking her why I wasn't her boyfriend. After those 3 years, she finally got a boyfriend, but would continue to insist we were "best friends". A girl I only saw once a week for about an hour, mind you.

    She eventually moved away, though. I will admit I'm definitely partly to blame since I never outright told her that not only was I not interested in her romantically, that I also didn't want anything to do with her, but I was shyer and wanted to keep the peace. If there's anything she taught me, though, it's that sometimes, you've got to put your foot down. I wish I did with her.
  14. Uh, no... I dont. He wasnt a complete stranger, and at first he seemed like a nice guy that I was more than happy to get to know better.

    The only reason I was uncomfortable about agreeing to hang out is because I thought it might be awkward. But if he was a nice guy, I would have been happy to overcome my social awkwardness and have a new friend. I thought it would be good to get out of my comfort zone.

    As I said, at first I was willing to give it a shot. I wouldnt have said yes just to be nice if I was planning on blowing him off. I wasnt going to blow him off, I just changed my mind when he started being an ass. But yes, I also did think he would be offended if I just flat out said no, and I was kind of right, given how he reacted. But I never led him on or anything. As soon as I decided I for sure would never hang out with him, I told him that.
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    My Journal
    This one time, on a dating site, I put up a profile and made it clear I was a very straight devout Christian man.

    So, of course, I got messaged by some gay men. It seemed like the more I said no, the more promiscuous and lewd their offer of sexual favours became. How I ever got them to give up without blocking them was a miracle. Like, it just would not compute in the machinations of their minds that I was so not interested and would never be interested. It was beyond not getting the hint XD

    Today, I am thankful for those gay men. They taught me empathy for some similar things that women go through.
  16. When I was on tinder, there were tonnes of blatant men with fake profiles as women, trying to get dick pictures and stuff. Fucking grim perverts.
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    My Journal
    Reading this, I am further glad that I never stepped into tinder.

    I guess that unwritten rule about the internet is to be heeded: "on the interwebs, there are only dudes and cops" XD
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  18. In sexual parts of the internet, anyway. :p
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    When i was 20 or something i went to the bar with friends and met this girl who said she had a bf. We spent a lot of the night together being physical like sitting in my lap and constantly hugging. I thought she was just super friendly until near the end where she just stared into my eyes for what felt like forever. It was surreal and it felt like we were the only two ppl in the world. That moment ended and she left sad and i was confused what happened.

    Later that night my female friend told me that the girl liked me and was waiting for me to make a move. Thinking about it now it was so obvious but i couldnt take a hint. After that when moments like that popped up i never hesitated to go for it. Still wonder sometimes what wouldve happened if i wasnt so oblivious
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  20. She said she had a boyfriend, but was constantly touching you.


    Chick was skandalouz.

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