Captain Marvel continuity errors

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  1. I saw captain marvel last week and there were a few things that stressed me out and didnt fit with other marvel movies.

    Obviously spoilers ahead...

    First off, we were told that nick fury lost his eye saving robert redfords character (i forget his name) in winter soldier not from an alien cat.

    Second, the timing of his eye patch is wrong because we saw a picture in another movie where he was being sworn in as director of shield and he still had his eye

    Third, shield didnt even exist in the time period of captain marvel. In the first iron man film they acted like it was a new thing and they had a long name for it and didnt even use the "sheild" acronym right away.

    Fourth, they showed the teseract (i dont know how to spell that) coming from captain marvel and then being held onto by fury, but unless im mistaken, the teseract was being held in asgard fury had no idea what it was the first time he saw it.

    Lastly, are we supposed to believe that fury didnt think that alien invasions or ultron attacks or when thanos first came as big enough emergencies to call captain marvel, because i would have made that call a long time ago lol

    Anyway, i know im over thinking it and its just a movie, but some of those seem like obvious mistakes to me
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    That's why I'm not going to see it. I'm gonna keep asking myself stuff like why didn't they call her in during infinity war.

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