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    No one can deny the importance of eyes in our lives. Eyes are very important and I can't imagine my life without these precious optical organs.
    You might be thinking, why I'm telling this about eyes as these are known to almost everyone.

    Here is why I'm saying so...
    Recently, I discovered that I'm severely addicted to staring at screens. I don't know what this addiction is known as but, I'm pretty much sure it is affecting my eyes adversely.

    I discovered it a couple of days ago when I was reading an ebook while trying to sleep. I wasn't able to read more than two pages, I was even wearing my spectacles (I got my specs five or six months ago, when I started having watery eyes due to constantly using my laptop).

    After that, I decided to keep an eye on the amount of time that I spend (or waste to be precise) in staring at those kinda screens that emit light which is harmful for my eyes. And what I noticed was very amazing, I spent about 6-7 hours on my phone for useless stuffs, and whenever, I put the phone down to relax my eyes, I got an urge to stare at the screen again. And the urges were too strong to resist. The only time I didn't get an urge was when I was staring at another screen (Laptop, TV).

    So, now, I've decided that I am going to fight this addiction as well.
    My Tips To Fight This Addiction
    • I'll reduce the time I spend on Internet by making sure that I use Internet only through my PC.
    • I'll reduce the time of watching Television (2 hr max.)
    • I'll eat at least 5 green veggies each day.
    • I'll doing Eye Exercises.
    • I'll remove the battery from my phone and will lock it up in my cupboard.
    • I'll drink as much water as possible.

    So, this is my Masterplan to fight this addiction.
    If you think that I've missed something, please let me know through comments.
    Any advice or suggestion will be highly appreciated.
    Thank You.
  2. Avoid sun glasses, gaze at the horizon during the day and star gaze at night.
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    This is an excellent goal. You are definitely not the only one who is going through this, too - many people in first-world countries go from working in front of computers all day to watching TV shows at night, then falling asleep to a Kindle or something of that nature.

    I'd suggest getting out and walking, running, and enjoying nature while leaving electronics behind every now and again. It might be tough, but it'll be rewarding in more ways than one. Also, vary the distances from which you watch screens; take an occasional second to pick something like a pencil up and redirect your focus from the pencil to the screen as a type of eye exercise. If you're trying to get rid of a habit, it's sometimes helpful to replace it with a new one; instead of whipping out your phone, maybe take out a physical book and read a few pages. Just some things that have helped me over a few years.

    Best wishes!
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    @The gardener thanks for the advice but, I don't use sunglasses. btw, the idea of gazing at horizon and stars seems pretty cool. :)
    @TrueLucid finally, I've locked my phone on 27th April. I wanna add a new counter for that but can't figure out how to have more than a counter.
    And, yes, living in the lap of nature is far more better than using these electronic devices..
  5. Hi aakkss, what are eye exercises?

    Also carrots are the beast veggie to eat for your eyes!
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