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  1. Vince T

    Vince T Fapstronaut

    Fellow Catholics,

    I'm a deacon who has been struggling with this addiction for a long time now. With help from the wonderful SA 12 step program, I was once sober - and free from slavery to lust - for a blessed 5 years. During that period I found that one of the best ways to stay sober was to help other addicts.

    I lost my sobriety when my work required for me to move to a different city, where there were no support meetings anywhere nearby. Without my program and my group, I couldn't keep sober, and I relapsed.

    I have recently recommitted myself to the SA program, after finding online video conference meetings. I am now working through the steps again with the help of a great sponsor, and would like to introduce other suffering addicts to the 12 step solution. If you are interested in learning more about this, please send me a private message. Helping others with their recovery helps me to recover as well. God bless.
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