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    Dear readers,

    If your eye catch the title of the thread, I think you and me know why you are here. It is all about premature ejaculation otherwise known as PE.

    As you may know there are not many threads about PE, explaining if it is cured or not. To help this issue out of the world I decided to share my story.

    It starts all 3 years ago when I had severe PE plus over sensitive penis. I could not last for more than let's say 30 seconds or worse.

    This problem back than was a wake-up call and I started nofap. I did not touch my reproductive organ nor did I watch any porn for 3 months. During this 3 months I also did a lot of kegel exercises.

    So after 3 months I start wondering if I was able to last longer. Which led me to find some woman on the internet which I have been with for 1.5 years, of course to have sex with.

    And it went as follows, I was not able to control the first orgasm, but than I was recovered till a certain point that I could get a second hard one, to be able to have sex again. And every second time I could last at least 20 minutes.

    After 1.5 years I decided to break up with this woman, and started masturbating again. And guess what, my PE came back. So the issue of PE has to do with masturbation and porn.

    The moment you do nofap and train your hips and pc muscle with kegel exercises you basically are recovering the damages you have caused to your reproductive organ.

    This recovery can take a long time, so do not get anxious you will have this problem forever. I knew and know how it feels not to be able to satisfy a woman.

    During the recovery time, your reproductive organ will go into a flatline. During a flatline your reproductive organ will basically recover itself, by recovering the damaged tissues and also per month 0,1 cm nerves.

    The recovery of the damaged tissue will lead to be able to maintain an erection without thinking about it. The recovery of the nerve will lead to the cure of your PE. Of course the recovery time depends on how long you have been doing excessive masturbation and porn.

    I know myself it is a very difficult process to keep track on. But if you want to have a good or great sex life in your future, than my advise is to be disciplined in nofap.

    I know really well the feeling of getting bored and not knowing what to do, because there is a missing link of masturbation and porn. I decided to fill this gap with study and sleep.

    The symptoms as inflammatory feeling above and on your reproductive organ, constantly feeling a sensitive tingling on your reproductive organ during nofap are signs it is healing. These symptoms you will feel especially if you have PE.

    So don't worry and keep the spirit high. After a year of nofap you will be a master in bed! No matter how severe your PE was.

    I wish and pray for us who have especially PE plus over sensitive reproductive organ and ED the best. May God help us.

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    Best post i have read on curing PE. Thanks i am more motivated than ever.
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    Thank you! This is the kind of post I was searching for. I have PE, and I would really like to heal it so I can please future girlfriends. I have had past girlfriends leave me because I could not perform well enough in bed! Your post gives me hope! I am not interested in kegel exercises however. I have heard too many conflicting arguments on whether to do kegels or reverse kegels. I have also read that kegels are just bad altogether! I don’t know what to believe anymore. So I’m not about that. I do have faith however that quitting masturbation and porn all together will help this problem in time. Your post has given me the encouragement I needed!!
  4. Thank you that was really helpfull.
    I want to try out kegel excercises but whenever i am doing them it feels i’m engaging wrong muscles.
    Would you be able to help in way ?
    Thank you again
  5. jorg78

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    Kegels = Better erections

    Reverse kegels = Better stamina (less PE)
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  6. M.Nioh

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    great post since i have started this challenge to cure my PE and i was wondering how would i know that i am getting better.
    Also how do you preform Reverse Kegels? i don't want to do any exercise wrong that will end up doing more damage
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  7. Exactly my concern.
  8. Pistolero

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    Thank you this was the first inspirational article out there on pe. Cant even explain how lost and hopeless you can feel because there is really no research out there on this topic. Since I started barely two weeks now, I'm noticing my a couple changes like less anxiety and overall better energy. This and your article is proving to me that nofap flat out works, like you said the tingling in your penis kind of feels like its going through withdrawals lol. Which in essence proves that there was an addiction of sorts. I would masturbate almost once or twice a day, so I don't think I over did it. It was porn and how they have us perceive a false reality of true intimacy. Which brings me to a dilemma of sorts. Ive been going "hard mode" for the last two weeks, do you think its okay to have sex? Its been almost like two years since I last had sex, and now am hitting it off with a girl from work.
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    Hey there would like to know if i can have sexual relation partner with my gf since trying to cure little symptom of PE .. Im with her since 3 yr been fapping a lot for some month and had some problem of DE and was not having sex with her so i decided to lower porn and my desire for her is higher now but since that i got some pe problem i mean i was able to maintain a long blowjob for 15 min now after 3 4 min its too fucking sensitive and i put off load. and for our last 3 4 relation i wasnt able to long for more than 5 minute before we could did it for 20 +.. help me plz ;(
  10. My sexual organs are so damaged to the point the waist area(left & right side) are uneven. Not only the nerves but also the tissues as well. I could feel sensation combined w/ brain fog and pressure in my head. Sometimes I could feel my balls are tingly. This condition impairs my ability from walking. It's like the below waist is under surgery(indescribable).
  11. Big Lou

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    But what if im in a relationship? I cant just not have intercourse with my partner...
    Do you think it would be okay to have intercourse? Or would my PE not get better?
  12. OliBeu

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    NoFap Defender

    just have fun with your partner. and relax! See it like pushups at the begining you do 1-3 and after a while you do 40-50 and more. Often it's also just a mental thing. There's more than just stamina. Get her engines warm prolong forplay use tongue and fingers be with herin the moment and then the stanima isn't that important for her.
    Often it's also the position that matters.. like missionary is super sensible for me and i come within minutes her on top riding in otherhand i can do 10-15 without worring
    i met a new girl 2 weeks ago and i do also suffer from PE, i really do... my last relationship even broke because of that. Funfact, this new girl says she never had better (overall) sex than with me.. and man.. this feels so good to hear. even with PE. and it gets better after time! i agree on that don't watch porn. it trains your brain to cum as fast as possible as you see sex.
  13. Mandi88

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    sorry, to see if I understood correctly. If I don't masturbate anymore forever, will my premature ejaculation go away? because I have it and I masturbate and do reverse kegel to endure more but I don't get results.
  14. andrekke2

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    Premature Ejaculation Pills - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
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  15. radhouane

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    did reverse kegel exercises helped you ?
  16. greenishmoon

    greenishmoon Fapstronaut

    Hey, that's great to hear. How long did you abstain?
    I've abstained from porn for one year now but this problem is as close as ever...
  17. pe help

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    Personally I think abstaining from masturbation won´t help PE at all. Sure it will bring back your libido and your desire for sex and as the OP states you will have it easier to ''get a second hard one, to be able to have sex again''. But that´s not really the definition of curing PE.

    First of all you need to find out what is causing your PE and then address the problem. And masturbation is great to test your progress and correct your course if your initial hypothesis was wrong.

    My journey to cure PE (I started out by cumming in my pants) lasted 3 years, since I figured it all out by myself. But I sure as hell practiced every day to see what works and what doesn´t. Thanks to that I now have a pretty good understanding of how things work down there.

    Sex is a skill... so if you can tell me just one skill you will get better at by not practicing it at all, then I will start to believe that nofap could cure PE.
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  18. greenishmoon

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    You're right. However, abstaining lessens my anxiety right now. And I think that will always benefit PE.
    I don't have any other clues on why it happens.
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    my friend you can practise tantra , it's type of edging when you are connecting with your sexual energy ,it helped me a lot now i can stay 40 min without cumming
  20. greenishmoon

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    Wasn't that made with people?

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