Celibacy forced upon me

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Grue, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Grue

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    Well, not celibacy as in "for all time" nor do I mean that it's forced. I was reading the description of this subforum and was drawn in.

    I try working on my wife and I's relationship. I've been stumbling around in the dark as to what to do about my wife's lack of drive. I take it personally sometimes but other times I know she's under stress.

    And every time I bring this up in a forum, they always say the same thing; "you need to work on your communication in order to be intimate"

    I've been trying. Oh, how I've been trying.

    I have very strong sexual urges. She's hardly ever masturbated.

    I bring this up in therapy a lot and whenever I try to put into practice what my therapist suggests, my wife will always shoot it down and tell me how much she doesn't like my therapist.

    Again, it's not like I'm starved for affection and intimacy but it's meager portions verw few and far between.
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    I hear you ... in my opinion... most divorces are caused by women who don't take care of their husbands sex needs.

    Wives & Husbands top priorities should be making sure their mate is FULFILLED (affection for women; sex for men).

    You might try this. A guy I knew had a successful marriage -- the key? He said, "One day its' my gig .......
    the next day its' her gig. (Ex: One day you are a waiter... and take her order re: affection, romance
    etc. The next day, she is the waitress... and takes your order re: sex, sex, etc.)

    If that doesn't work....... she may be selfish. Women who get catered to 'too much' get selfish.
    So back off .... withdraw...(i.e. women NEED Affection... Conversation... Provision... Protector ... 'Dates' ... etc. Withholding affection, etc. is power you have over her. Don't reward her bad behavior.) You need sex. You are trying counseling. Try getting a female counselor -- then
    your wife can't complain.

    Also, maybe buy her "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger as a gift.
  3. Grue

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    my therapist is a woman.

    Her not wanting sex is not bad behavior.
  4. JustinX

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    That cheeky postman :D.
    Or guessing from your age menopause can be also the reason for her low libido.

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