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Do you believe in the POWER of semen retention?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Still deciding on an opinion

  4. I am starting to believe

  5. I am loosing faith

  1. I think I'm going to make a gigantic collection of how this is not really about porn. Quitting porn and your hook-up to it is only the first step. If you are hooked heavily on crack and you want to quit, the first step is quit the crack porn. Quit your friends who are also addicts and quit other influencers into crack. If you want to change your life, it's often common to get a great haircut and clean your room. Probably add some motivational posters around your room, your mobile phone and whatnot.

    The next step, is to actually remove the physical act. The brain IS A PART of the body. Sex, is a physical, not a mental act.

    The reason why taking back your mind is the main step and the first one, always is because every though/intention/mental state you entertain releases chemicals and hormones related to it.

    - A male or women can sustain a full erection of their sexual organ and orgasm, as well as ejaculate just with mental stimuli. No visual, autidory or any sense stimuli is required for this.
    - Stress can cause a heart attack
    - Stress can age you faster and whiten your hair, essentially deplete you of nutrients like bleeding on a dialy basis OR.. ejaculating on a daily basis
    - Death row inmates can kill themselves if they truly believe they have no chance of survival and left over night to indulge in those states of mind
    - You can feel that 'dopamine rush' that you feel while viewing wrecked pornography just by visualising similar content in your own mind. That dopamine rush is the release of hormones and the beginning of many chemical chain-reactions in your own system.

    Celibacy Testimonies
    If you want a link to any of these testimonies, simply start typing a part of the quote in a search engine. A link will be provided to quotes on non-searchable webpages.

    Collection of testimonies centered around the increase in charisma, energy, mental performance, and decrease in anxiety, 'mental fog', etc. - Testimonies centered around Personal Performance
    User: Dagger323 Screenshot: https://imgur.com/VPaN2aK
    User: JJackson Screenshot: https://imgur.com/LQHenyx
    User: Redbox Screenshot: https://imgur.com/NgKnGkI
    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/0RWFYrp
    User: justbrowsing88 Screenshot: https://imgur.com/bPDllLm ; https://imgur.com/HB9kkLt ; https://imgur.com/4c56BbN ; https://imgur.com/98sUbT0 ; https://imgur.com/F0WZhF1 ; https://imgur.com/fn437qX
    User: Never_Return_There Screenshot: https://imgur.com/uuOYbN2 ; https://imgur.com/xU4BZ0r ; https://imgur.com/pLGZ27Y ; https://imgur.com/MBkbMvD ; https://imgur.com/w1JEYgs
    User: Pursuit_of_happiness Screenshot: https://imgur.com/m4tCv3c https://imgur.com/n51J0bJ Link: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/almost-200-days-of-nofap.183686/

    Collection of testimonies centered around physical problems that were cured such the various sexual underperformances, back pain, getting colds on a frequent basis, etc. - Testimonies centered around Personal Health
    User: AddictMaster Screenshot: https://imgur.com/ym8NuP5
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  2. powerful096

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    Keep going bro...
    Great initiative....
  3. Davidphd1866

    Davidphd1866 Fapstronaut

    Agreed, awesome effort.
  4. The once per week masturbation is very relatable. I remember when my superpowers first emerged then I slowly lost them in a relapse cycle.
  5. Yeah man this helped motivate me a lot, great read... Keep it going!!
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  6. What do you think about masturbation without ejaculation?
  7. I do masturbate without ejaculation and feel no problem about it. Living without sex and being much better. Monk mode (no sex) is a kind of spiritual cure for me.
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  8. Davidphd1866

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    I think that masturbating without ejaculation can be a preferable outcome. PROVIDED that doing so doesn't end up prolonging the session. If you edge for hours and use a firm grip......well, no vagina could do that. You will be undermining yourself.

    Overall, I recommend limiting BOTH masturbation and ejaculation. However, I am sure many would agree that the real monster is porn. Make elimination of porn your top priority. Then masturbation....then ejaculation.

    I know that I MUST eliminate porn entirely. (and doing decently in that regard) But I also know that ejaculation is not ideal for me and I am better to ejaculate as rarely as possible.
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  9. Very nice answer. I agree with you.
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  10. I follow a medicine orientation that recommends ejaculating every 21 days, for men over 40 years. Younger men can ejaculate every 15 days. Anyway, I practice masturbation in a ritual way, alone and in a private place, free of any artificial stimulation (specially porn).
  11. Fenston999

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    Ritual masterbation??
    Light the candles and say some prayers?
  12. Something like that if you wish! The great Western problem is the lack of body sacrality.
  13. Vir Rex

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    48 days of monk mode has made me realize how I've neglected my spiritual duties and my obligations to GOD. Prayer, meditation, exercise and self-discipline has transformed me completely. When I started monk mode last month, I thought that I would keep it going only after Valentine's Day. The immense benefits I have gained from just two weeks alone convinced me to keep going and, during the third and fourth week of NoFap, I confronted with the root cause of my anxiety: my fear of death.

    What I realized is that I waste my time on so many frivolous, harmful activities that it makes me realize how I haven't achieved something truly tremendous. We are all put on this Earth for only a brief moment; we can either deny this fact and die in a state of mediocrity or we can seize the day, accept our short life, and ascend to immortality.

    And this starts when we decide to no longer feed the Beast.
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  14. RAWMagic

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    Masturbation can be a form of prayer if performed as such. The Divine does not discriminate. Tantric breathing can lead to a form of self-stimulation. I practiced one of David Deida's practices on this for several weeks and it led to breakthroughs with my woman and our sexing.

    A powerful realisation, Vir Rex.

    I would be curious to hear you describe your edge. Where you stop short of making a creater contribution to humankind, to honouring God. To making a living in a more creative and enjoyable way, for example.
  15. Fenston999

    Fenston999 Fapstronaut

    Where did you get the idea masterbation is akin to prayer?? Prayer is about inner connection and opening the heart. masterbation is just feeding a desire, and in an un natural way as well. Prayer is about spiritual work and is for inner devolpment and bringing insight. Masterbation is just pleasuring yourself for physical gratification.
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  16. Vir Rex

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    You are right, honoring GOD is a way that one becomes immortal. On further reflection, my previous post appears too secular and I should have been more specific about what I mean but at the same time people these days are so afraid of religion the moment you bring up GOD in anything they immediately shut down and refuse to listen to anything you have to say. I guess it's about finding the right balance when approaching people who need help
  17. Cilicio

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    Creo que la masturbación debe ser un premio que uno se gana
  18. Cilicio

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    [QUOTE = "Davidphd1866, post: 1958826, miembro: 167121"] Creo que la masturbación sin eyaculación puede ser un resultado preferible. PROVISTO que al hacerlo no se prolonga la sesión. Si sales durante horas y usas un agarre firme ... bueno, ninguna vagina podría hacer eso. Te estarás minando a ti mismo.

    En general, recomiendo limitar la masturbación y la eyaculación. Sin embargo, estoy seguro de que muchos estarían de acuerdo en que el verdadero monstruo es la pornografía. Haz de la eliminación del porno tu máxima prioridad. Luego la masturbación .... luego la eyaculación.

    Sé que debo eliminar el porno por completo. (y haciendo decentemente en ese sentido) Pero también sé que la eyaculación no es ideal para mí y que es mejor eyacular lo menos posible. [/ QUOTE]
    Debe ser muy difícil estimularse y parar

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