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    I usually like to believe that truth has to be somewhat aligned with historical facts. How you got that Jesus is a Buddhist monk is beyond me.
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  2. Not sure about that but this particular Pastor was married. I wasn't suggesting that the only people who abuse are those who celibate. I just find it a mystery that there's so much abuse in the church.
  3. If you read the what the Buddha said it wouldn't be beyond you. Jesus and Buddha say almost identical things. There's no historical evidence that Jesus encountered Buddhists so I think it's probably unlikely he was a Buddhist, I just think it's just a coincidence that they're so similar. But it's still interesting nevertheless.

    I don't think we should be so quick to say what we believe is the truth because our beliefs could be wrong.
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    I'm not too familiar with Buddhist teachings, however I am very familiar with Christ's teachings. There may have been similarities in teachings of morality. However I doubt Buddha ever claimed to be the son of God, or healed the sick, or raised the dead or walked on water, or talked in parables and rebuked the hypocrites.

    From what I remember, Buddha was a rich Indian that was perplexed by the concept of suffering and the poor. He tried to live by completely isolating himself and denying himself which he found didn't help him. Than he came up with all the things about suffering being an illusion.
  5. All talk. Practice the stuff they teach and find for yourself its the same world they point to. SolitaryScribe, son of God is called jiva in hinduism. The buddha which buddhism is founded on started as a hindu yogi. He surpassed his two teachers he had. And yogic knowledge links back to Sumeria where all civilisation started. All are filled with supernatural powers. And modern followers, 'the masses', are simply masturbating the teachings and call it self realisation or fullfilment.
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    It's human nature.... we are all capable of the worst things. Civilization is just a thin veneer… look what most respectable people on the surface do in the privacy of their homes. All human institutions, even the Church, are imperfect... and will attract scoundrels of the first order. The significance of the Church is that it continues to testify to the ideal....
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    I practiced sexual abstinence (non-religious) for 2 years and 7 months (960 days), which I ended this year after dating my current partner for many months. Best thing I ever did for myself and my interaction with men. I highly recommend it as a way to re-focus your life in many ways. It literally helped and healed many parts of my life, also many parts having zero to do with sex.
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    interesting dude.. where did you get the info from? I mean about that part of Issa.
  9. Celibacy isn't special.
    I've said in the past I don't want kids, but I've recently thought deeper about that & decided if I could find a girl worthy of me then I'd love to have kids. Highly doubtful that I'd ever find one worthy. Nonetheless having kids to spread our genes to the future is what we're meant to do. And this will in the future when we're of old age make it so people can take care of us. Honestly I think sex being taboo is a big reason why so many turn to porn. If society at large views sex as taboo there will be more turning to pmo. Main thing is we grow in our stature before chancing bringing another into the world so we will be prepared for when that time comes.
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    Pornographers call the most depraved sexual acts art.

    These people are below animals in my eyes. Easily subbeast level of existence. Bottom pits of hell type futures.

    Existential fates aside, what about monks and nuns outside of God based traditions?

    Like there are more celibates than just priests.

    And also look at all the geniuses of history who were not ordained religious folk who were voluntarily celibate if they were not mentioned already.
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    That is your opinion.

    Do you always state them like facts?
  12. I state them as they are, diversity of thought is great. It's how we grow as a species.
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    Yes, there is definitely room for celibates outside of the religious sphere. Many artists have chosen this life... which is perfectly fathomable when arguably art is the sublimation of eros into something greater... and that religion could itself be considered a form of collective art.
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    I agree with many of Buzz's points though I'm a Protestant-turned-atheist. Clerical celibacy and sexual abuse are related though. Some are "called to celibacy" and many are "called to marriage," says the Roman Catholic Church. A young Catholic man who is a pedophile has little interest in marriage so he takes the celibacy option. Maybe he's serious about controlling himself, but he's probably thinking it's an easy way to hide his true nature from others.

    The previous example isn't meant to question or judge the genuine celibate people, only the fakers and abusers. Given the example of other religious groups with married or female pastors, it doesn't seem right to exclude married men from the priesthood in Roman Catholicism. Celibacy as an option is great, but as an imposition, it's foolish.
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