Centered In Christ: The Prophet's Invitation To All For 2020

Fight the Good Fight

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    Greetings brothers and sisters! I extend a warm 'cyber' handshake to you all. I am new to but not new to the struggle of trying to overcome PMO. I was raised in the church and was baptized at age 8. I went on to be like Laman (or was it Lemuel) before realizing that I, like Enos, Alma, Jonah and Saul, was in need of repenting. And repent I did. However, over the years - particularly with the introduction of fast internet - my challenge with PMO has become the most difficult battle to conquer. I feel like saying here, 'can I get an Amen! LOL

    All joking aside, I am wanting to act on President Nelson's prophetic promise:

    “My dear brothers and sisters, I promise that as you prayerfully study the Book of Mormon every day, you will make better decisions—every day. I promise that as you ponder what you study, the windows of heaven will open, and you will receive answers to your own questions and direction for your own life. I promise that as you daily immerse yourself in the Book of Mormon, you can be immunized against the evils of the day, even the gripping plague of pornography and other mind-numbing addictions” (“The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like without It?” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2017, 62–63).​

    I am wanting to prepare for April's General Conference. Here's President Nelson's invitation to us / the Church:

    "When I spoke during last October’s general conference, I designated 2020 as a bicentennial period commemorating 200 years since God the Father and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith in a vision. That singular event in human history initiated the Restoration of the Lord’s gospel—an unfolding Restoration that continues today. How blessed we are to live in the light of that vision. With that vision came new understanding about the nature of God our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

    "God loves all of His children and has a vision for each of us. Just as He listened to Joseph’s prayer in 1820, He listens to you and yearns to speak with you through the Spirit. Heavenly Father wants you. We want you. This is going to be an important year. We invite you to be a major part in sharing the message of the ongoing Restoration of the Savior’s gospel. We will share more about this soon, but you can start today by acting on the invitations I extended to you at last general conference to immerse yourself in the glorious light of the Restoration.

    "What does that look like? You may wish to begin your preparation by reading afresh Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision as recorded in the Pearl of Great Price. Or ponder important questions such as “How would my life be different if my knowledge gained from the Book of Mormon were suddenly taken away?” or “How have the events that followed the First Vision made a difference for me and my loved ones?”

    "Select your own questions. Design your own plan. Act on any of these invitations to prepare yourself for sharing the important messages of the ongoing Restoration. As you seek Jesus Christ in these efforts, God will prepare you to receive further light. It is your personal preparation that will help April’s general conference become for you not only memorable but unforgettable. The time to act is now. This is a hinge point in the history of the Church, and your part is vital.

    "I testify that Jesus Christ lives. He leads this Church today. God is trusting us, all of us, to play an important role in the Restoration of His gospel."
    Taken from:

    Who else is keen to read the Book of Mormon this year and to follow the Come Follow Me schedule and to return here to share insights, questions, testimony, and encouragement as it relates to our challenge with PMO? I am. Let's do this!!

    Here's the study guide for Come Follow Me: Book Of Mormon 2020

    Next week's reading:
    January 6–12, 1 Nephi 1–7, “I Will Go and Do”

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    I’m in! Thanks for starting this thread. It will give me extra motivation to be vigilant with not only reading the BOM but also discussing what I have been learning with others.
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  3. Need a testimony boost? This is one of the best talks about the Prophet, Joseph Smith, I have listened to.
    I stumbled across BYU Speeches this week and I'm glad I did. What an archive of inspiration! How blessed we are that a kind, wise Heavenly Father has provided enough, 'light and knowledge' to aid us in our journey home.

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  4. Are we blessed or are WE BLESSED to have such a loving Prophet leading and guiding us in these latter days. With so much uncertainty around us in the world it's comforting to know that Heavenly Father loves and cares for us more than ever. I am so looking forward to General Conference 2020!
  5. Who’s looking forward to General Conference? I feel this year’s General Conference will be more special than any other. I’ve been preparing for it and can’t wait!

    I’m looking forward to participating in a world wide fast this Sunday for relief from Covid-19 virus.
  6. Actually, brothers and sisters, I’ve been thinking of asking if you would like to join in a fast for us struggling with all aspects of PMO. So when President Nelson invited us to join in on a world wide fast re Covid-19 I thought it might be good to bring it up. Any interest? No commitment needed today, just seeing if there’s any interest.

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