Challenge Accepted of 15 days

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Divyanshu Gautam, Nov 22, 2022.

  1. I know 15 days nofap is not big deal for some people but I don't even remember when did I accomplish 15 days nofap challenges in past months.
    I will notify myself after every single day passes with NoFap.
    This is a challenge .
    Does any one want to join me ?????

    For me it's
    DAY 1
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  2. Day 1 :-

    It was not so hard because regret of fap of last night was still there .
    But still I got some urges , but my regret was powerful enough to resist those thoughts
    I used most of the day on Nofap
    I will cut some amount of time from this to utilise it in some other works and will get back to it .
    This way I will spend more time here , because I like to be here
    I will feel more powered .

    Ready for day 2
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  3. Biscuit09

    Biscuit09 Fapstronaut

    You are not alone!

    This is my third day, and my record is only six...
    So yeah, not a lot but now I am convinced that I will finally succeed!
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  4. You will succeed bro
    Stay strong.
    I want you to accomplish this goal first then
    Join me from 7th day to this challenge
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  5. Biscuit09

    Biscuit09 Fapstronaut

    Thank you!!
    I also want you to succeed!
    And i will be here!
  6. Day 2 :-

    Didn't get many triggers
    A day with full of enthusiasm
    Feeling better
    Excited for Day 3
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  7. Day 3 :-

    It passed yesterday
    I got highly tempting urges in evening
    I was listening spiritual music at that time and came outside of home and I escaped from another Pmo

    In Night , I got some wet dreams but fortunately I escaped it too

    These days , I am getting a lot of urges because I did fap most of the time bw these days.

    Today is 4th day
    And I am ready for upcoming triggers
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  8. Day 4 :-

    Today is about to end.
    I didn't get much urges today
    I was confident throughout the day.
    But I am little bit suspicious about the night
    I think I will get wet dreams

    I wish I will be wrong and my streak will continue
    Let see what happens
  9. Day 5 :-

    The day wasn't so hard .but
    I got wet dreams in night
    Thanks to god
    I escaped from it and my Streak is still continuing
    I am heading for day 6
  10. Day 6 :-

    I am not counting days
    But I don't bother myself in writing this daily log
    Today was normal
    Not much urges
    I always remain afraid of night wet dreams because I will be subconscious at that time.
    Anyways good night
    I will wake up with confidence not with anxiety of nightfall
  11. Day 7 :-

    Yes I am getting better
    If I talk about controlling my urges.
    But I failed to make all these days productive.
    There was not lot of urges today
    I will start to use this site less because I want to focus on other things
    That is the main reason of quitting Pmo .
    Anyways I'm ready for next day
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  12. Groovy Gandalf

    Groovy Gandalf Fapstronaut

    WELL DONE Gautam!
    you're doing very well
    i am joining you and tomorrow will be my day 1.
  13. Yes,
    Please join, I would love to share
    Everyday experience with you
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  14. Hi buddy, today is my 15th day, I'm with you, be strong.
    Yesterday I felt like shit compared to today or other days, depression, intrusive thoughts, lack of motivation and anger, and most of all, anxiety.....
  15. Thanks mate for your kind words.
    Yes I will remain strong :)
  16. uranium

    uranium Fapstronaut

    Yes I'm starting my counter today. And we should all check back to this thread everyday. And it's okay if you relapse, just keep trying. I've been trying to quit for over 5 years but I still come back to this website to set my counter.
  17. OGV2

    OGV2 Fapstronaut

    I can join your challenge if you want. I have been on my 8th day and it is not easy but we can support each other.
  18. Yes sure
    Please join
  19. 8,9,10 days has ended
    The urges were strong but not more than me
    I don't know
    When the time will come that I will not see girls as objects anymore.

    I trust in God
    Definitely He will save me and will lead me to a better life
  20. Well done buddy, I'm on 17th day, today very strong urges and flashbacks, but manageable.
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