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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Spirou, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Spirou

    Spirou Guest

    Hi everyone,

    very happy about this movement and excited to join!

    After noticing the effects of unlimited streaming pornography described in and nofap on my own brain and body, I decided it's about time I attempted to spend my daily energy on more noble outlets. The last two years have been difficult for me. I quit my high performance corporate job and ended my 7-year relationship with my girlfriend pretty much at the same time. Porn was not the main driving force for these actions...however, I did notice that it presented itself as an unhealthy coping mechanism that allowed me to ignore dealing with my emotions.

    Moreover, I am also drawn to the nofap program and community because of energy-related reasons. After leaving my job I, lived in an ashram in France for a few months and committed to the so-called "21-day challenge" (no orgasm of any sort for 21 days). During those 21 days I experimented with pseudo-tantric practices with a female friend of mine. I edged frequently (sometimes for hours) when in bed with her. Completing the challenge showed me that keeping orgasms "in" can result in increased levels of energy and well-being, even though the constant edging and complete abstinence from orgasm were extremely difficult towards the end of the challenge. Once I left the ashram and was back in the "normal" high speed internet connected world, pornography sadly re-entered into my life.

    The point I am trying to make is this: I still suffer from the generally very low energy/serotonin/dopamine levels due to the job-related burnout I suffered from about a year ago. This burnout resulted in a prolonged state of mild depression which I have been combating with a healthy diet, lots of exercise and rest, etc. I would, however, like to add some sort of nofap program to my recovery, especially since I am also noticing that pornography or sex with a condom on does not turn me on as much as it used to... which is a bit scary.

    Therefore my question to you, my dear fapstronauts, is the following: what type of challenge would you recommend for my situation? I am thinking of going a few weeks without porn, but still having regular sex with my current girlfriend. This will, I assume, lead to less overall orgasms (i.e. more conserved energy to spend on other things such as meditation, exercise, etc), and will also re-wire my brain to be turned on more by active sexual participation, rather than passive "voyeur" masturbation.

    What do you think? Any advice is, of course, greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance -- let's see what this journey brings.
  2. Aryan

    Aryan Fapstronaut

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS for choosing the way of life you will always be proud of.Its hard,painful and totally worth it.I was the guy who could never get to Day 3 for a entire year and fapped 7 times a day at the maximum destroying many pathetic days.
    If you have not then read these articles on masturbation addiction:
    and porn addiction too..
    Also read something awesome about sex transmutation where you can channelize sex energy to other aspects of life and not physical outlet...
  3. Spirou

    Spirou Guest

    Going strong :) Already 4 days in...and now noticing the cravings... any advice?
  4. Spirou

    Spirou Guest

    THANKS Aryan. Will check all of it out for sure :)

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