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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by srdiogenes, Feb 12, 2014.

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    So today I finished my small 10 days challenge after several years of masturbating almost daily.
    It wasn't really that bad.

    My motives for this challenge were:

    - To see if regular masturbation has any effect on energy levels.
    - To see if regular masturbation has any effect on the way I behave with women.
    - To see if regular masturbation has any effect on hairloss.

    I also added conclusions about:

    - Horniness levels.
    - Confidence levels.

    Energy levels:

    The impact of NoFap with energy levels was huge on me. From day one I felt motivated, awake, less drowsy and in a better mood. This good energy levels stayed with me until day 10. I did fap on day 10 morning (this morning) and energy levels went down drastically. I've been drowsy the whole day and just feel like sleeping. I can't really tell if this is a coincidence and I'm particularly tired today, but it did happen and I didn't feel like this in any of the other 10 days.

    Behaviour with women / confidence levels:

    Confidence levels also got better. As if as soon as you stop fapping and forbid yourself from touching yourself to please your needs, you start looking at the right way to do it. Fucking women. So my mind did make a little click and for some reason I started to feel more confident around women, more flirty and less scaredy. They also seemed to respond better since women seem to naturally notice this sort of things. This confidence levels also spread to other areas not only women. I felt like doing more possitive things for myself like eating better, quitting smoking, working out. As if I stopped being so "needy" and "whiny" all the time to focus on improving myself.


    This one I'm not sure about. I do believe I'm losing less hair but it's too little time to tell. I also quit smoking which is bad for hair and I'm using some hair products and techniques to stop hairloss so it could really be any of those things.


    Day one and two were the worst. The horniness was quite difficult to handle although not impossible. After that it really went down. I did feel horny and wanted to jack off after seeing any good looking woman but the feeling went down very quickly. After a few days I just accepted the feeling of feeling horny as a natural thing and didn't think about fapping at all to cool it off. I just let it be.

    New Challenge:

    I'm challenging myself to a 20 day no fapping period. If I could handle 10 I can easily handle 20.

    My motives are the same as my first ones. I'm hoping:

    - To improve my energy levels and motivation.
    - To improve my confidence levels around women.
    - To see if regular masturbation has any effect on hairloss.

    Again, whish me luck.
  2. Devil-May-Fap

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    Well it seems your head is in the right place my friend just think about what your reasons are for starting your nofap challenge whenever urges occur you have already made a big step in the right direction just by registering on nofap. Wishing you good luck srdiogenes! You can do this

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