Challenge: Flying starts for your days

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  1. Failed today because I had trouble falling asleep yesterday. Also because my phone was just by the bed so it was too easy to stop the alarm and get some extra minutes of sleep (woke up at 06:20). Will make sure the phone is in the kitchen before I go to bed.

  2. I have to reset. The main reason is that I think I haven't been strict enough with the assignment that should taken up directly after I wake up. Today I also enjoyed a nice rest in the morning, which was indeed good for my body.

    That being said, I will reduce the number of days per week I do this challenge from six to five, e.g. I will to it Monday to Friday. During the weekend I'm going to think about some kind of training I'm going to do after I wake up during the weekdays. The first time I did this challenge, I had as a goal to do one pull-up at the outdoor gym 1 km away from home. That could be a nice thing to take up again, we'll see.
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  3. 1/30. Went out for a short run.

    I am now going to plan tomorrows workout every evening that follows a weekday.
  4. Planning the exercises for the following day didn't work out for me. Before I do this challenge again, I have to know exactly what part of me I want to change and what kind of thing I'm going to do when I wake up. Currently, my daily routine is to go up at 6 am and get some coffee and breakfast.

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