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  1. This challenge has no expiration date.

    the idea of the challenges that I have created is not to change one addiction for another, I do not do anything if I leave PMO and embrace the option of compulsively eating or abandoning myself to a cigarette.

    make it your way of life

    Today I complete 7 days and I really get up with a different mentality, everything in life depends on me, I can accompany you in this process, take your hand, and pick up your weapon when you are on the ground to hold it for you, but the battle is yours , whoever you are in the mud is you, and I can not enter you, just scream at you from the shore, we have to free ourselves to liberate others. Can not save someone if he is chained to a chair or if? Well, then we will be released together, can we say that all addiction leads to abandonment?

    we should be happy even on the ground, if it were not like that, if I was not in hell, I would not know so many incredible people here, who would alter my reality.

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    [USER = 200456] @MuscularSherlockHolmes [/ USER] [USER = 40820] @ lookslikei'mbrokenbeyondrepair [/ USER] [USER = 197649] @Gankaku [/ USER]
    [USER = 192750] @Full ahead [/ USER]
    [USER = 182847] @ Mayhem_8116 [/ USER]
    [USER = 191400] @CAPTAIN MAAZ [/ USER]
    [USER = 197042] @Trusting - [/ USER]
    [USER = 51207] @Drift [/ USER]
    [USER = 203454] @TheGoldenEra [/ USER]
    [USER = 171114] @I_can_and_I_will [/ USER]
    [USER = 207247] @ josbo21 [/ USER]
    [USER = 196105] @ShoorVeer [/ USER]
    [USER = 207719] @lauraS [/ USER]
    [USER = 159392] @Thor dios del trueno [/ USER]
    [USER = 157784] @AiLy [/ USER]
    [USER = 196307] @Juannr [/ USER]
    [USER = 145587] @Eleanor [/ USER]
    [USER = 189187] @ Camelot87 [/ USER]
    [USER = 49303] @vxlccm [/ USER]
    [USER = 191506] @PhattyPatato [/ USER]
    [USER = 11518] @MJ Elite [/ USER]
    [USER = 171959] @PatrickR [/ USER]
    [USER = 169739] @Roady [/ USER]
    [USER = 165352] @Beamer [/ USER]
    [USUARIO = 197879] @Leonzh [/ USER]
    [USER = 116683] @MentalRove [/ USER]
    [USER = 202662] @Questionite [/ USER]

    and so many people who would not finish, that make me happy, but above all they have a LOT of patience

    Your commitment is not with me, it is with yourself.

    Look at life in a positive way every day
    Always recognize that you have a negative thought and ask yourself where it comes from. Then, change it to a positive one. Do not get mad if the traffic is slow, try to see it as a time to spend with you or to talk to someone you care about. If you manage to get something good out slowly, you will start living a much more positive life
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  2. ¡Estamos orgullosos de luchar a tu lado, hermana! :)
  3. Thanks Honey
  4. Our mind has more power than we know, thank you for mentioning me querido.
  5. There are challenges of level, easy, medium and difficult, choose the one that best suits you.

    easy: Walk 30 minutes a day

    Watch a documentary every day
    (The goal is to do it at the most tranquil time of the day)

    Read a daily chapter of a book
    recommended ...
    -A Manual of Life-Epithet
    -Killing a Mockingbird- Harper Lee
    -The little prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    Study thoroughly a topic of your interest

    Choose a new route to work every day

    Read an article every day
    Doing it is good for the brain.

    Perfect some skill
    With the guitar, riding skateboard ... you decide ...

    Get inspired every day
    Life is like a photograph; Inspiration is always needed to create it.

    Use the stairs instead of the elevator
    Climbing the stairs helps you improve your quality of life.

    Combine any of the challenges for 30 days
    Walking and reading is a simple thing to be able to meet this challenge.

    Do an act of charity at least once a day
  6. okk sycher i do walk or sometimes running....daily yaa also i ya i will try new hobby
  7. PENANCE: if we do not comply with the record of what happened while we were doing one of these challenges, we will have to publish a joke in 10 profiles of people who always seem depressed. (accept or not)
  8. Wow..Glad to see my name here..thank you..:D
  9. Sir can i post some motivational lines instead of jokes
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  10. Medium:

    Take a different photo every day
    It is to notice the difference of the environment.

    Question and reevaluate an ideology that has been had for a long time
    It questions the ideologies and replaces them in changing them, sometimes it is necessary.

    Cook a different recipe for thirty days
    Learning to cook is a way to avoid and combat stress.

    Learn to draw a human face
    You can use online tutorials or books.

    Refrain from social networks and media such as TV
    Turn off the TV for a month and live your life.

    Take a cold shower every day to cure stress
    Ideal also to avoid cardiovascular problems.

    Wake up early every day

    Keep a physical diary of your activities and thoughts
  11. can be modified clear, if you motivate and make laugh it will be great choose something with which you are comfortable
  12. there is nothing to be thankful for
  13. i choose three habit 1..Wake up early
    2 cold shower
    3.ya actually i delete social media paltform like twitter fb andinsta
  14. Of course, you are my fehr
  15. ok..sorry

    Talk to a stranger every day

    Take a daily moment to express self-love

    Write a novel of 50 thousand words

    Choose a bad habit that you have and avoid it
    (THAT'S ALL WE DO, WE STRUGGLE AGAINST P. But if there is any additional welcome, it is to be expelled)

    Think of an achievement you want to have every year for 30 years

    Place it on a scroll where you can see it.

    Do not lie for 30 days

    Do something that you fear, every day
    For 30 days, face your fears one by one day after day.

    Do not complain about anything for a full day
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