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  1. nooo..she wasn't a crush or something..just a random stupid feminist who thinks she is made of gold. I mentioned in my statuses.
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  2. yes! I'm so happy thank you.
  3. oh. understand
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  4. @Sychar when i comlpeted 9p days...i want a big party haha.....can i tag ur name on day 90
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    it seems where Sychar goes fun and happiness follows :D

    that's good, I will get back to this :D
    really, cherish this mentality, recall it, bring it back - it's worth it's weight in gold.

    I choose:
    Get inspired every day
    This is a question of mindset, I guess. You can get inspired by nearly everything. But to make it more effective and measurable I'll use preferably the technique of visualisation, wich I'll train for this purpose.
    So I'll tell you about my progress with visualisation and how I inspired myself or what inspired me.
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  6. I'll say how was the Monday. LOL.
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    oh that's a good question!
    With Monday comes truth :D;)
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    Haven't quite get the grip on this one. Well mostly because I slacked off and then got in a gloomy mood.
    I think the best way I can use this daily task is in the form of a meditation. Not the silent-sitting-type of meditation though but that where you think things through. Not pondering about everything - I do that enough already. But connecting to my goals and my vision if you want. Something like that. I'll put that into practice!
  9. Well, we have the mental fight, (bueni / bad, positive / negative, optimistic / pessimistic) if you need inspiration you must identify in what areas, if you need help from a third party, example: I am more motivated by running with someone who runs two miles alone , because I would postpone it for a week) If you recognize that there are weak points, try to strengthen them as (the bad guy, I understand you, I live a lot of bad humor) but concentrate on the good things about you and have an action plan to motivate you, I recommend you list in a notebook that you take anywhere where you can read what makes you happy
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    Thank you Sychar for this tip!
    The portable notebook is something I already considered. Now you have motivated me to really do it.
    Yeah motivation is important. Organisation, reflection and action plans and at the same time not too much ado ...

    Oh, and if we would live in the same city I'd run with you ;)
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  11. OMG I would really appreciate it, I hate doing sports alone. the question is to find someone constant and disciplined, or that one is one. LOL
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    Inspiration today: I watched a movie - a classic. It was entertaining of course but above all it my touched my core values and the question what I'll do with my life (the rest of it).

    @Sychar I really enjoy running alone! In case you want to do that too I have this tip for you: enjoy the landscape, what you see (maybe nature) and the air you breath. Don't focus only on the sport. And don't run too fast. There's no point in running fast. You can also interrupt the running and walk for a while. Did you know that the slower we walk the longer we can walk and even the greater a distance, most of the time? Walking is also a good opportunity to think things through. And when you want to put a stop to all the thinking simply run.
  13. THANKS SO MUCH I will apply it tomorrow in my first march
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    In addition to the Recovery-Challenge I took 4 more Challenges at the same time and unfortunately this is the Challenge which is to much. Maybe later I can return to it. For now I quit.
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  15. You're right, do not overload yourself, I'm glad I helped you in something, good luck friend.
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