Challenge: Self written read/write diet/exercise program

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  1. So here's something different: A put together your own program challenge. So from the beginning there's of course two parts to it: Writing the program for yourself and then doing it. While we need to give it a fair amount of time to see how well it works before working on v1.1 or something, it recognizes it's an ongoing process of improvement, debugging and so forth. In general I figure on 2 weeks.

    As far as the writing of it, I am thinking of the four areas mentioned in the subject. Reading corresponds to the physical input of food (food for thought as they say) and writing corresponds to output in terms of physical exercise.

    Another aspect of programming is timing. Even if we don't know all the tiny details of say each vitamin in our diet, we have a general sense of cause and effect. Some people may exercise (or read or write) before breakfast, some after. This is all for us to decide based on our experience of what works well for our body and mind. I try to integrate circadian stuff like sleep hygiene into mine but that's another subject in itself so I'll just mention for people to research for themselves if interested.

    BTW, the idea is of course it supports your abstinence streak with PMO so that is implied, all the other stuff is to help support that. The assumption is there is at least less chance for relapsing while on a program of healthy routine.

    Edit: In a general self improvement context both PMO streak day count as well as other objective measures can be tracked, so I am adding weight, for example. (obviously the latter is to reduce rather than increase that number)
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  2. Program writing phase post: v1.1 - structuring morning for cleanse/elimination, (sleep and bowel movement) info/food consumption (input) followed by mental/physical exercise. (output)

    Components: * marks accounted for

    Read: 1 fiction and *1 non fiction (excluding forum stuff)
    Write: *Journal and audio journaling
    Diet: *Smoothie w/kale, *supplements
    Exercise: *Walking, elliptical
    Social: *AP check-in & group activity???

    Basic daily structure:

    ~5:30am: Read (Biology of Desire), smoothie
    ~6am: Walk out to get AM sun
    6:30: Write
    ~7am: NoFap forum (replies don't count as writing since I want it to be more thoughtful)
    7:30: AP check-in
    8am: shower

    11:30: lunch
    1pm: Sun -or- elliptical (sun for vitamin D instead of setting circadian clock)

    ~4pm: dinner
    ~6:30pm: walking

    ~8:45pm: Read Biology of Desire
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  3. This post will be edited repeatedly to log current trial


    Day 1 (5/13) - Completed through 7am
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  4. Curious, how did it go? I'm trying to write my own program as well, this is inspiring.
  5. Pretty simple so far, I actually need to go to sleep earlier today as it's the first day I skipped it but for weeks I've been doing 4-5 things every morning: Meditate for a few minutes, the other four are walk, write, eat and read. I put the four in that order because walking and writing are active/output things and eat and read are passive/input things.

    Ideally I get up early enough to catch the sun by the time I get to a certain spot, been really only getting there after it's up and I know I can do it and have in the past - need to catch up on some sleep debt since I slept right through that hour and didn't have time this morning. (I don't use an alarm) Perhaps not surprisingly I have a little more urges, not enough to act on but haven't had it in a long time, though the ice cream might also contribute to that..

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