Challenge STOP PMO and add a good habbit!!!

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by _overcomer_, May 16, 2018.

what is the hardest day for you / or which day do you fell back the most time?

  1. day 1

  2. day 2-3

  3. day 3-5

  4. day 5-7

  5. day 7-14

  6. day 14-21

  7. afte 1 month

  8. after 2 months

  9. later

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  1. _overcomer_

    _overcomer_ Fapstronaut

    great, that you are in. I can understand that feeling loneli isn't good, to prefent PMO.
    So maybe you do all the important things, that need also time, or these things that you usually don't want to do, so you can use the time with your friends/family, when you are together with them!

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