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    Hello my brave Fapstronauts!

    We are all on this awesome journey on becoming a greater man. We do this for ourselves, our health, our minds and our bodies. Through NoFap, we optimize many of our bodily functions such as energy management and hormone homeostasis. But, what we also need to accomplish, is to improve our minds as well. NoFap is a catalyst for the greatest of improvements you can think of. NoFap, for me, has been the one thing that propelled me to something greater. And BOOKS have helped me clear my mind as well as sharpen my perspective of the world and myself.

    So, I will be listing a list of books I have read that really made an imprint on me. These books below have challenged the way I think and gave me insight in how my mind works, how I behave, how I am made to be and what I can become. Please enjoy.

    1. Models by Mark Manson. This book teaches you all the HONEST parts of dating. It talks about how you want to remove that vibe of being creepy and dishonest with yourself. As long as you are not accepting yourself and being honest with yourself and girls, you will be cast away by women. Learn how to be open, vulnerable, honest and integer, and you will start polarizing girls so much faster and you will learn what girls you like, and what you can do to maximize your own results. This book gave me a refreshing view on the world of dating that has helped me become more grounded and attractive to girls. Girls WANT you to be honest and sincere to them. Don't play those silly games with them with those stupid lines all these pick-up artists give you...
    2. The Way of Men. This book tells of how men are programmed and how men have functioned over the last thousands of years. Group mentality, competing with other men and respecting other men as your brothers are the core principles. As men, we care for different things than women and we function in a very different way. In this book you will read and learn about how and why men need to be aggressive and how we men need a group to be a part of.
    3. How to make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book teaches about fundamental skills in making sure your relationships with people are healthy. The ways you react to people, listen to people and interact with people will either determine whether you will get a sales deal, a loving partner, a friend who will ask for your help and much more. This book gives you many examples of how to deal with angry people, unreasonable people and more. You will learn that being tactful in the way you speak and behave will have a great outcome on your success.
    4. Bulletproof confidence by Patrick King. This book explains what confidence is, how to get it, and how to grow with it. Confidence is an easy trait to have, and Patrick King explains how to get confidence and what it could mean for your life.
    5. Ego is the Enemy. This book was amazing. As the title says, Ego is the Enemy. Our ego's have made empires fall, made relationships fail, made sure you lose friends and so on. Ego is toxic and prevents us from being truly happy. This book will guide you to losing your ego and making sure you don't make the same mistakes as so many leaders, athletes and other figures in the past.
    6. The 50th Law by Robert Greene. This book tells of the story of how 50 Cent became famous and how he rose to fame. His story is all about struggle, hardship, but most of all, the drive to making it and becoming someone. This book will show you why it is so important to work hard, never back down and always do what you feel is right for you. This book will show you that being fanatic in your work is what makes a man.
    7. A Guide to the Good Life. This book is very philosophical, but teaches so much about the ancient art of Stoic Joy. It teaches about how to deal with all the things in life and how to deal with them, all as a means of becoming more content with what you have, who you are and what your current situation is. This book is a must read for whoever is interested in philosophy, theology or meditation. The book follows the ancient principles of Stoicism, a Greek (and Roman) philosophy of life that transformed the minds of thousands and how they lived.
    8. Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. This book literally is a manual for NoFap. It talks about meditation, mindset, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and supplementation as well as even financial management. If you follow the gorilla mindsets as depicted in the book, you will transform your life within a week for the better.
    These are the 8 best books I have read last 6 months and I have learned so much from them. I hope this list will inspire more of you to start reading more and challenging your mind. Happy reading and keep on being a proud fapstronaut!

  2. I've read this year, The Maze Runner, Think & Grow Rich, The 48 Laws of Power, Mastery, & currently reading the 33 strategies of war.
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    **The power of positive thinking**
    By -norman Vincent Peale

    A top seller

    And has point of views of god and improveing your relationship and mind with god

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