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    I am a teen and I am doing the nofap challenge. I have heard if not masturbating a teen might have wet dreams. Firstable I do not want to have wet dream because I don't want to make a mess in my bed. And sometimes I heard someone may not have wet dream at all, so I was wondering if it is a problem not having wet dream.
    What should I do, is it okay to masturbate before I have a wet dream. If u have a idea please reply. (I would like to avoid wet dream so I don't mess up my bed).
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    Don't worry dude. Wet dreams are natural and are usually a part of the rebooting process. You may not have a wet dream during this time at all, but if you do, its nothing to worry about. By the way, a wet dream won't mess up your bed, just maybe your boxers. Nothing a wash cycle can't fix.
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